Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What's in a Day?

I arrived home from work last night to find hubbie had called into the post office to pick up my
parcel. The postie had left a card and I knew it was going to be the order from Bendigo Woollen Mills with the new Cotton Crush colours - a very limited edition for the month of March.  I warned him it was going to be a big parcel (just in case he decided to pick it up for me lol)......... I've had lots of fun already just looking at it and feeling how soft this cotton is!  I couldn't wait to open the bag and line them all up on my very messy table!  My table seems to get that way mid week when I'm busy at work and have several things on the go for evening stitching lol
 The cotton is what I mostly used in my
all lined up getting added to "the stash" data in Ravelry
Maryborough Veranda Blanket because of its softness and wonderful drape!  Most of this is earmarked for "lap blankets" for the grandies. DIL and cushion for the son.  Naturally I have some 4ply there in order to make myself a couple of tops or perhaps a dress??  I spent some time today getting it all entered into my "stash" area in Ravelry along with photos of each yarn.  I find this really useful when I'm planning projects etc as I can bring it up on my ipad quickly and easily to see if I have the right yarn already in stash!  Aren't these colours pretty!!!!

I'm an old fashioned girl at heart and I have to admit that I'm one of those who actually relishes being at home.  It's unfortunate that 3 days
one week and 4 days the alternate week I have to head out the door to "paid" work.  Leaving home just after 7am and getting back around 5 pm after a 90km round trip there isn't a lot of the day left for getting much done those days.  So, a day off can often be quite a busy day.  Busy as it is, I still relish it as I get to take 5 every now and then to slow the pace and do other things ....... like today sitting in the lounge room doing some hand stitching looking out the window you could see a house boat that's tied up to a mooring down on the river (The Murray River for those wondering - it forms part of the
See the top of the houseboat there between the trees?
border between New South Wales and Victoria).

It was raining this morning and looked set in (which it was until about 3pm when it cleared up and the sun came back out).  So I was able to sit this morning and reply to a couple of letters ...... the old fashioned snail mail.  I knew I had to head into the local town and so my plan was to get them written so I could post them off while I was in there (which I did).  So Lynda and Tracy ...... keep an eye out over the next week or two.  These girls both have blogs as well so click on their names to go and have a look.  While I was writing my letters I was blessed to have the postie drop off another letter from a dear friend, Lyn ........ I'll be getting a reply to you shortly.

After chores (chickens and cleaning and washing) and a trip to town to attend to a few errands I
I add a bit of grated Sard as well to give it a bit more Ooomph
decided it was time to get some more Laundry Liquid made up!  Usually I would make around 15-20 lts but at the moment I don't really want that much on hand.  I halved the amounts of the ingredients and have made it up to 7lts.  On average this works out to about $1 something for the whole 7 litres plus the time.  We are trying to save some extra dollars, plus I'm trying to get back to basics again (like I used to do once upon a time before things got so crazy with long drives to work more days than I had planned ........hmmmm, things don't always go to plan do they??).  Anyhow making my own laundry liquid is a great way of saving!  Over the weekend I spent some time grating up the soap. I keep the grated sunlight soap and the sard soap in separate glass jars so they are ready any time.   If you do this make sure you use the very tiny grater side since you want it as small as possible - it takes quite a bit of time to dissolve in water. Click on the page at the top of my blog that takes you to the recipe.  Just make sure you take the time to really dissolve the soap, otherwise once it cools it will separate which is not what you want.

I guess in a way it doesn't really sound like I did that much at all today, and yet the day went so quickly ....... and here I am with dinner cooking and chooks just about ready to be locked up for the night!  Luckily I got the bit of washing done that I had here today - decided that even though it was raining I would just pop it all on the clothes airers to slowly dry over the next couple days - but with the sun coming back out I took the airers outside and now all but a couple of things are dry and ready to be put away!  The simple things, the everyday things ......

I'm itching to get my crochet hook out and start on some of that cotton ........ perhaps later tonight
if I'm really lucky, otherwise it's going to have to wait till the weekend as I'm back to work again tomorrow!  I hope you have had a productive "hump day" and the rest of your week brings a blessing to you and yours.  I'll leave with a photo of this cute little cupcake I bought from work the other day when they were raising some funds.  It reminded me of my "Beehive Cabin"
Hugs Sharm


Jo said...

Love the coloured cotton. What a lovely site to relax by... Oh I wish my mail would hurry up and get to you...

Lin said...

An exciting parcel Sharm - gorgeous colours. sounds like a busy day to me. xx

Helen said...

So many beautiful colours in your parcel love them all. It great to see that you can still manage so many lovely projects with your busy days .

Lynda said...

Your day sounds pretty productive to me!!!

Hope you got a bit of crochet time in...I know what it's like to get new yarn and want to make a start :))

Looking forward to my letter! xx

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Oh, a rainbow in a box - such joy! Love 'spending the day' with you, Sharm. Sounds like my kind of day! Fun to see the houseboats going by and that little cupcake is almost too cute to eat! I love that you still enjoy 'snail mail'. My Aunt Bette used to write to me faithfully for years until she passed away last year. I sure miss her cards and letters. I'm glad that I saved them all. Wishing you a lovely weekend filled with some happy needlework! xx Karen

Kaisievic said...

Wonderful post, Sharmayne - your day sounds lovely!