Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holiday Recap

There was 11 mts of water over this bridge, destroying the road way and leaving a tree behind.
Just a quick update on the rest of the holiday.......... sooo great to get away for a whole week, even though it was raining/flooding while we were away.

Thanks to Chrissy and Den for having us stay with them and getting to see their new place which is coming on a treat!  Also got to have some time with Chrissy checking out a couple of patchwork shops in Gympie and then got spoilt with a couple of jelly rolls from Chrissy's stash getting sent home with me............. can't wait to put it to something with an Autumn theme which works with the colours

A great catch up with Colleen and Brendan when we all spent the weekend together in Noosa.  Colleen and I have been friends since Grade 1 and although we live a couple thousand miles away we discovered we can still "giggle" like little girls!!!   The boys had some time  watching the beach scenes while we girls checked out the shopping......... of course LOL

Then we had a couple of days all alone and stayed in a great little
 motel  at Maroochydore.  Unfortunately the beach was out of action for swimming due to the storms and flooding, so instead we took the time to drive up the hinterland to Melany and Montville.......... and in this wonderful little shop Pete found a set of cream and greeen canisters!!!!!!!   At the right price I might add.  Seven years ago I got the little salt container (cream and green) when we were celebrating our 20th wedding anniversary in Tasmania, so it was kind of appropriate that we found the matching cannisters on another anniversary trip (seven years later at the Sunshine Coast).

We arrived back in Melbourne airport yesterday afternoon and then spent 4 hrs driving home...... via various detours and having to drive through some flood waters to make it back.  Luckily we did as we would not have gotten through today. 
 My internet connections have been horrific  over the past week and even worse most of today, so hopefully some pics will accompany all of this.
Love and Hugs to you all,


Anonymous said...

so glad you had a lovely time away with your friend,lovely post Sharm.xx

Christine M said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely time with your friends Sharm. Lovely little collection of goodies there. I love the cotton reel and thread fabric. I love that set of cannisters. Hopefully one day I'll get myself a set! Hugs, Christine

Cheryll said...

Looks like you had a GrEaT time away. So glad you stayed safe!
Welcome HoMe ! :)