Friday, March 23, 2012

Meet the Girls

Inside the Pen, just before they head out for the day.
This week I had 3 new girls come to join us, bringing our little flock to 7.  So come meet the girls before they head out the door..... from the front, the old girls - Rosie, Henrietta, Scarlett (white silkie), Mary (black pekin), and then the new girls- on top of the perch - bluebell on the left & chloe on the right and hiding in the back corner is Patty!    

Time to head out & start work
 I love having chooks - I enjoy watching their antics and interactions with one another, giving us the bonus of fresh eggs and manure to add to our gardens. 

Part of the Chook Yard - access inside the netted fruit trees is optional via ducking under the netting LOL
 Initially I had them roaming around the whole yard - but they seemed to prefer heading under the house (not the best place for eggs or manure!), and so I fenced off an area around their little pen. 
Funnily enough, as yet they have not jumped onto the old swing chair which we have yet to move out of there (it needs a recover job)!
"Chook Hilton"
This hexagonal "avairy" was only partially built when we bought the house here - Pete worked on it, even putting in "window shutters" on 3 sides to allow breezes or extra shading etc.  We had to add a tarp over the roof cause it had been made of logs and had a few leaks! 


Anonymous said...

its lovely having chooks and getting fresh eggs.xx

Christine M said...

Aren't chickens the best! They certainly have their own personalities. Unfortunately, I lost my four on Monday to a fox. We'll get some more when we come back from our holiday.

Carrie P. said...

I hope to get some chickens next year. We will have to build a coop so we need some time.