Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Hit List........

So in doing a bit of blog visiting the other day, I decided I may as well join in with all the girls who have agreed that this is the time to get some of those crafty goodies working for us and turning our homes into something that gives us delight to look at........... as opposed to those "not so delightful areas" that it seems many of us currently have!  I'm so pleased to see I'm not alone and if you also want to join in, then jump up on the wagon and check it all out over at  Cherry Heart - by clicking on the link on my sidebar .  On the 26th of this month it will be 2 yrs since we collected the keys for our home here in Bundalong, having arrived down from our 7months of living in Townsville - a "lifestyle "change that did not work and has set us back quite a ways.  It's been very much like having start all over again from scratch, but in a smaller home (a very good size living area, but 3 very small bedrooms - 2 with no built ins; and 1 bathroom).  If you've been following my blog for a while, then you know that we have worked very hard on the outside areas - building sheds, chook pens, installing water tanks, gardens, pond, orchard area and vegie garden - all on just 1/4 acre block :)  So now it is time to start spending some time inside dealing with areas that are really prooving to be difficult, need sprucing up, or need to be changed in some way without draining any finances!
So as suggested by Sandra  here is my Top 10 Hit List for the Inside of my home as it stands today (which happens to be an extra messy kind of day, which is always the best time for seeing how things really work ).  So these are the BEFORE photos........

No 1:   The pantry
Now that I have that lovely new set of canisters, I might be able to clear this out & get it sorted a bit better!  Definately need a potato and an onion bin down the bottom!
AFTER: All nice & Neat now & cannisters all filled

No 2:  Just HAVE to find a home for these pillows and cushions that get moved from one place to another........ oh, and look, a little TV also looking to find it's place now that dear daughter has purchased a newer one.

BEFORE- On a very bad day!
No 3:  Does anyone else have this problem???  I seem to have a dumping ground growing at the speed of lightning in my kitchen (almost as quickly as the weeds in the garden......hmmmmm :( 

This has now been addressed as well, but yet to take a photo.

No 4: This would have to be the basket of filing...... I need somthing a little prettier in which I can have all the incoming paperwork where it can be divided into stuff needing to be followed up, and filing needs to be done at that moment in time and then this little basket and it's friends can disappear :)

No 5:  My walls need some more loving attached to them - you know, some of those embroideries and wall quilts that are sitting waiting for just the right spot...... and this lovely little hanger needs to have the photos put in it that were meant to go in........ It should be showing the photos of our family of puppy dogs over the years (only Scruffy is left now)

No 6:  Would have to be a home for my bags, now that I've cleaned out our little cubby hole/wardrobe  they have been sitting very quietly in the corner of our bedroom, waiting very patiently........ 

No 7:  Well then I guess this would have to be a long standing home for the winter coats that won't fit into the wardrobe .  This could take some serious thought, so I'm open to lots of ideas for this!!  See them currently laying on the floor beside the desk!

No 8:  Needs to be "Return to the Sewing/Study Room" - It's still needing some help to fit everything in, and still be pleasant to be in for writing letters and sewing (and all my homemade soaps are here as well!)

No 9:  I guess this will have to improving the laundry and finding homes for all these things?? Maybe something up on the wall................ 

It may only be 9 items on the Hit List at this time, but these are the  Giants living in my home right now!  Now I'm going to go off and look for some crafty fun ways to deal with these giants and put them in their place, leaving us with some pleasing things to view instead :)


Sandra (Cherry Heart) said...


Thanks for joining me on my PCH journey! I've added your link to my sidebar and I've come to wish you luck and have a nose around while I'm here!

You made a great start with your list and you have a pantry - awesome!

Good luck with your house, hope you have fun.

S x

Sharmayne said...

Thanks for dropping by.... the Hit list is being attached as we speak LOL

Mrs. Doug said...

Oh yes, this is my little house all over. Every little flat spot that can hold an item has an item or more than one.

I'll try to get some pictures of progress on my blog.

Thanks for stopping in for a visit.

Ana BC said...

Great progress! I wish I could say the same. But I will catch up eventually.