Saturday, February 25, 2012

Holidays have started

Our Holiday has started, arriving at the Sunshine Coast airport on Wednesday - as we got off the plane the rain began, so after grabbing our hire car we headed straight up to Gympie and out to our friends Denis & Chrissy who we are staying with from Wed night till today (Saturday).
Denis & Chrissy's home in Curra, nth of Gympie
They are great friends from many years and we've had a wonderful time with them - they even took us out for dinner for our 27th anniversary on Thursday night.  Chrissy took us out for a mini sight seeing of the local area and we just had to take photos of this bridge...........
Dickabram Bridge at Miva over the Mary River - recently celebrated its 125yrs anniversary 

Then yesterday was a trip out to Tin Can Bay - still raining........... luckily we were still able to get a great feed of fresh prawns!  
Stay tuned for more, I'll post this and add to it a bit later when internet connection is better.


Anonymous said...

yummy prawns,lovely pics,have fun Sharm.xx

Christine M said...

Happy anniversary for Thursday Sharm. How nice to catch up with friends. It will make you forget about the rain! Hope the prawns were yummy.