Monday, May 3, 2010

What's New on the Homefront???

After Pete spending most of Saturday getting the chook pen completed, it was only fitting that I go & collect the girls
on Sunday! So may I introduce our 4
new girls - Mabel, the new hampshire,
Molly the little black pekin, Sally the golden silkie & our little white silkie, yet to be named by Stacey when she pops over. They seem to be settling in quite well, & while they were getting used to the lovely new pen, I was busy working in the garden & then taking some time out to work on a couple of my applique blocks for the Hearts & Hands Quilting project my snail mail group is working on.

So here are my blocks of teapots & apples. Just a little more stitching to go & they are finished & I'm up to date with it. Still working on my crocheted dishcloths for the swap so I'll be ready to post some out as soon as the first lot arrives. Next I need to get started on the baby quilt so it's made up before our little grandchild arrives in late July. Oh, & Pete also got the front fence finished off & the ground (which I'd weeded of those nasty prickles), was ready to be tilled................ I have the lavender bushes ready to put in, but just need to purchase my rose bushes first, so they can all go in at the same time & everything gets planted in the right spot. Once it gets going I should have a lovely front fenceline of lavender & roses!


Carrie P. said...

Looks like you have been very busy. Your little girls look very comfy in their new home.
Great blocks.

Naturally Blessed Mama said...

I love your quilt blocks. I have never learned to do applique, but would like to.

Your chickens are so cute. We have Buff Orpingtons, Plymouth rocks, and one that I'm not sure about. They are loving their new home. thanks,

Joan said...

Now this post is great - Its nice to see someone else has built a chook yard and got some 'girls' together. My husband Mal too k so lon to build ours - we have dubbed it the Taj Mahal :) Applique is great too. Mal just went past the computer - sighted the chooks and said how lovely they were