Monday, May 10, 2010

Blessings Showered Down!

I do hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day! I have to say that I was spoilt, getting phone calls from children & grandchildren. Stace living locally, came to spend the day & also brought along a little gift:

Cow socks to keep my feet warm & a pretty necklace.

Today, my hens are finally feeling at home after being here a week, & are now happy to venture out & explore the "garden", which is gradually evolving, as we find places to put things & begin planting out various shrubs, trees etc etc.

You might notice in the photo that we now have some areas that are "prickle" free zones....... Hooray! If you look at the photos you'll see my little Eiffel Tower & garden bench which I'm trying to create a little garden around. The tree in the background is just so lovely with its Auntumn colours!

Dishcloth Swap: The first of the dishclots arrived today. 3 beautiful ones made by Karen over in New Zealand arrived on my doorstep today. The stitching is just sooooo clever & I'm afraid way above my level of expertise at this point. Thanks Karen, I can't wait to use them & I will have 3 on their way over to you within the week.

Speaking of Blessings: I'm still on the look out for 3 ladies to take part in the Pay It Forward. I signed up over at Terrys Life & now need to bless 3 other ladies......... any takers??

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Sandra Henderson said...

I adore your socks! I'm so glad that you had a nice day! Lovely bench! YES! I NOTICED IT! How could I NOT?!?! IT's spectacular! :)
I'm so envious of your chickens! I want some new ones so desparately, can't figure out how to get them here! lol