Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pay It Forward Update

Thanks Sandra for popping down your name.  I'm still waiting on 2 more ladies.  I have the details/rules of Pay it Forward listed in the April blog archive, but basically the first 3 ladies to pop down their names is blessed with a homemade gift from me.  They must have a blog of their own, & they have to agree to pass on the blessing by hosting a pay it forward on their own blog.  You have a year in which to make the gift & post it out, although this usually happens alot quicker than that!  So here's hoping I get to see a couple more ladies interested in taking part.


Dorothy said...

I'd like to receive one of your Pay It Forward gifts. You can always be one of mine.

Sharmayne said...

Thanks Dorothy, That would be great & I am very happy to be one of yours.
Hugs Sharm