Friday, July 29, 2016

Christmas in July 2016 Christmas in July swap  run by the wonderful Chez,  finally got opened later this week - we had to wait till the 25th to open, but since I was in Melbourne on yet another respiratory course, it had to sit patiently till I returned home.  I received these lovely items from Deb who has done some lovely stitching work.  I haven't done very much embroidery at all this year, so this was  such a nice treat.  The way it came in the box was just wonderful and it gave me a lesson in how to work Australia Post a little better!!   A cute little decoration for the tree, and a framed embroidery as well as a little sack!    I think the little sack will make a perfect project bag for keeping  small Xmas projects in to take with me to work on in the car or visiting. I love all the redwork stitching, such lovely work!
 Thankyou Deb, I love them all!

I sent a parcel off to Vicki from NT.  I decided to do some crochet work and made a Christmas  snowflake table doily , a candy cane coloured basket ( ideal for holding yummy Christmas chocolates ), and I used up the last of my precious bees wax to make some scented candle melts that I hope she enjoys, along with a few treats that I didn't bother to photograph.

At least going down to Melbourne for a 1 day course involved having to head down the day before, which meant time for mother and daughter to catch up again briefly.  Stace took me down to one of the beaches where we took a couple of photos before jumping back in the car ....... The wind was freezing, so it was a quick look and then back in the car!


Lin said...

Great gifts Sharm. xx

Jeanette said...

Beautiful gifts Sharmayne. Hugs,xx

Anthea said...

Lovely swaps there Sharm... yes that does look to be a windy spot, very brave of you!

Cheryll said...

Wonderful gifts Sharmayne in this swap.
Thanks for joining in...xox

retdairyqueen said...

Lovely gifts both sent and received

Yassine said...

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