Friday, October 16, 2015

Back on the Bus

Today is a very much needed "not at work day" ...... which essentially means I'm based at home,
seeing to the home chores and errands that need to be done here ..... a nice way of saying cleaning, washing, groceries etc!  And thankfully no medical appointments for Dad today either.  Life has been a little chaotic of late and its nice to be able to take time to smell the roses!  I did actually have yesterday off work, but apart from the washing, and spending time chatting with Dad, I don't believe I managed anything else except to pick this lovely bunch of roses from the garden to put on my table.   I do like it when I get to have Fridays off - the house can get done just before the weekend hits and I can then use the weekend for spending time in the garden and in my craft cabin sewing or crocheting or just taking time out.

And this being the 3rd Friday of the month, its time again for FNSI with Wendy!  Join in with other bloggers from all over the world as we virtually sit together and stitch, sew, knit or crochet.

For those who might be following along with the Spice of Life Crochet Blanket - Part 5 is up ....... I hope to get it printed out today, although I still have another row to finish off part 4 yet.  Apparently it is quite a large section.  I always think it would be good to get the bigger sections done in the first part when everyone has the momentum and are hanging out waiting for the next bit, but oh well I know I will get it finished ....... I may even start another but in fewer colours - the photos I've seen of some of the variegated shades look fantastic!!

The past few months the weight from all the yummy winter eating has decided to stick to my hips and stomach!!  A shocking state of affairs to find my summer clothes are either  too tight or .... ahem.......not able to be done up ......... something needs to be done about that - And I don't mean buying the next size up, since we all know where that leads!!!  So its back on the bus for me ...... I've decided another hit of the 12WBT is the way to go since I managed to go from 85kg to 69kg with it previously ...... It looks so good when you put that down in writing and I was only 2kg away from my target weight when I allowed various forms of stress and family crisis situations to take over ....... basically, I put me at the bottom of the list, something women tend to do to themselves too often - we forget that if we don't have good health, energy and room to breath then our reserves continue to deplete!  So remember girls to look after yourselves so you can look after those you love and care for!   This time I have 5.8 kg to make my goal weight this time, but mostly it's about finding my mindset to book Me time to stay fit and healthy and enjoying life.
Big Hugs,  Sharm

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Anonymous said...

The best laid plans? Happens to me all the time! I love the flowers you showed on your blog. EPP and real ones.