Sunday, October 11, 2015

Sunny Sunday Arvo

It's a lovely peaceful, restful sunny Sunday Afternoon here at the cottage in Bundalong!
  It rained
all morning and so the sun is extra enjoyable this arvo with the birds out singing. 

 I've pulled out my Spice of Life Blanket to work on ....... Part 4 is almost complete and come Tuesday evening, the next section of the pattern will be released by Sandra of Cherry Heart.

Yesterday was busy with cleaning the house, getting the washing all done and then doing some work in the garden. 

With Spring everything is growing quickly, including the weeds, so I'm trying hard to keep on top of the gardens I managed to get cleaned up before I had to drive to Brisbane last week.  I'm sooo pleased I got so much accomplished before I left as the gardens are looking quite nice and Dad is really enjoying them!  I'm coming up with a few ideas for replacing the gardens that had to be pulled out when the front fence was done and also the fence around the chook yard.

While its been a busy week getting on top of appointments needed for Dad, things are beginning to find a rhythm.  Hopefully that rhythm continues to hum nicely as I head into my normal work hours this week.  I hope everyone else manages to have a nice week also!


Hugs Sharm


Helen said...

Oh love your spice of life blanket so far. all your hard work in the garden has paid foo it looks beautiful!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Your blanket is beautiful - love the colors! The gardens are looking very nice - so good to see all the spring green and flowers. Your Dad looks happy with such a pretty view. x Karen

Anonymous said...

Glad you are still able to find time to crochet. Summers here are quite busy so all crafts get put away till fall. I've just dug out the cross-stitch project I was working on last year and resumed, though I've made an error somewhere, so I'm in the process of de-stitching :)

I still have beets to get out of the garden, but we've now had a couple of frosts and I like for them to be out through a few frost and pull them just before the ground freezes. This makes them have lots of flavor and sweetness.

Your gardens are beautiful and love that your dad is able to be there to enjoy. Hope you have a wonderful and beautiful summer.