Thursday, June 25, 2015

Rainbow Happiness

We've been having a combination of rainy days and very cold ones - this frost was still here in the front garden at 9am when I decided it was waiting to be photographed .... and combined with the shorter daylight hours I've been needing something to brighten things up a tad!  Working on DH's jumper in navy blue is slow going .........

 So poking around in my little cabin I pulled out this crochet book and found a great little crochet project that I've been able to make up for the Christmas in July swap which seems to be suddenly getting closer!!! I guess I can show you since nobody knows who they will be receiving from...... and I may end up making a couple extra to have for stocking fillers .... What do you think?
DD recently found a picture of  some rainbow ripple afghans and asked if I could maybe make one up for her since she's currently spending her first winter in Melbourne in her own place and doesn't have a good supply of that type of thing.  So after a bit of stash diving, I've managed to come up with these 17 colours of rainbow goodness ........
I love the way they just fit into my basket so well, and I love the brightness of it sitting in the lounge room adds a " Happiness" factor I think :)  I'll be using a size 4.5mm hook with this lot of 8ply yarn.  Once I've done a bit, I'll be able to show you how it works up with that size hook.

I also have another blanket I started work on around Springtime...... It was put away over the Summer, and I've just pulled it out again and started a bit of work on it.  This blanket will end up going onto our bed once it gets finished.  I had thought I'd have it finished ready to use on our bed by July this year, but that was before I got bitten by the knitting bug making up sweaters, scarves and other items....including that sleeveless dress which I've actually worn quite a lot!
Anyhow, winter is such a great time to work on an afghan or blanket - is anyone else working on one as well I wonder?  if you are looking for the pattern for the ripple, or numerous other blankets, check out the Attic 24 blog where Lucy shares her free patterns.   
Today while sitting pondering with cup in hand and pen and paper trying to make sense of how we might even begin to manage retirement in a few years time (well, DH will retire in a few years, I'm afraid I will prob still be working part time for a few more years lol) ........... it's tricky when you still have a significant mortgage and the loan statement tells you there are still almost 11yrs left based on current interest rates and weekly loan repayments!  So after sitting a bit contemplating and praying about the situation.......  along came this lonesome little bee on this cold morning.  We have few flowering plants at present with all the frost, but these Winter Glady's which are more like a weed and I was trying to get rid of,  actually were providing the nectar this little bee was searching for ....... and bingo  -  I found myself checking out interest rates and checking our loan details ...... we may just have found a little nectar of our own!   So I urge you to check on your loan statements, check the various interest rates (and charges) that other banks are offering and see if your bank will match them if they think you will leave to take up a better offer (no exit fees then).     So it seems I've had a nice dose of Rainbow Happiness today!  I pray you get some happiness in your day also
Hugs Sharm


Anthea said...

Hi Sharm, lots of pretty creating & deep thinking going on at your place! Your DD will love her crochet blanket, & good luck with the finance issues, I think we all could do with re-thinking some of that, from time to time

Christine M said...

Hi Sharm. Your doily is gorgeous. I love all that wool in a row. It looks great in the basket too.

Sheryl said...

Lovely to see all your pretty wool in a row. The crochet mat is perfect