Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Hello Winter

 We went from some lovely Autumn weather in May to a freezing cold day on the 1st June -
officially the start of Winter  downunder! Now as we move into Winter, that also brings with it the season for catching freshwater Crayfish!!  What a wonderful change to the normal dinner around here!  Plus it's also a bit of fun getting the big cooking pot and stand kept specifically for this purpose out from the shed where it's been sitting since last year ..... getting the fire going under it to boil them up ready for dinner tonight!
And what a weekend of "gourmet" eating we had.........  about a week ago  
we were blessed with a large bag of frozen cherries from a local farm - ones they are unable to send to market due to having split skins and had planned to cook up, but since they have sooo many bags, they gave me one!  I've only used about 1/2 the bag, but made up 4 jars of yummy Cherry Jam and also made a Cherry Pie!! 

 I think in 32yrs, we have only ever had enough cherries to make 1 cherry pie before, since they are usually eaten fresh and finished off quite quickly!!  We were all so keen to have some that I nearly missed getting a photo lol   Hubbie has ordered another pie from the remaining frozen cherries lol
Naturally, I'm getting in some knitting ...... I've slowed down on Pete's jumper to work on something else that I just couldn't resist...... knitting as one of a few testers for a new scarf Laura Aylor has designed.  Unless she changes the name of it, it is currently called Therapy......... and it is a lovely relaxing knit, with just enough variation to keep you  from getting bored.  What I will say though is that I am having not so nice a time with some of the Wollmeise yarn I'm using ..... the multi coloured one seems to have an issue with it and the smaller "tastie" skein has knots through it!! Hmmmm!   Perhaps today I'll get a good bit more of it finished off.................  Hope you all had a great weekend too!
In Progress - Therapy by Laura Aylor, soon to be published




creations.1 said...

What can I say - freshwater lobster - YUmmmmmm (so long since I have them, my father used to go lobstering most weekends when we were kids), Australian grown farm cherries - yummo and the scarf is looking gorgeous - hope the yarn issues disappear for you!!

Anthea said...

oh that boiling pot with it's delicious contents Sharmayne!!
enjoy all that decadent eating in the cold months!

Jo said...

Oh wow. When can I come for some of that crayfish. Yummy