Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Homefront Happenings

on the blocking mats
As this post was meant to publish at the end of May,  I'll do a quick catch up instead.....
During May, I  finally was able to complete my Ingonish Sweater!  It's quite a warm one being made up in 10ply (worsted weight).   
Progress is being made on some other knitted items, and I have dishcloths to make up as well as beginning to work on some items for the Christmas in July Swap I'm taking part in.  It will likely be my last swap for the year so I can use the last 6 months to work on Christmas gifts
While things have changed around the garden/yard here with DH pulling out the large vegie garden and other flower gardens that we were battling with grass that came up from underground runners, putting up the new front fence and doing other shed repairs ........ dead leaves have been raked up and added to the compost, which got another turn over and emptied into a raised garden bed I had down one corner of the yard.  It's been sitting empty - mostly because it had been filled up with the dirt and clay from when we dug out the pond about 4yrs ago.  So I emptied out half the clay mix and added the compost to it ....... it now has some pea seeds and cauliflower seedlings in it.  If it works ok being here, then I'll be able to use it  for some Summer Vegies. 

My herb garden was cleaned up, and I added some silverbeet in here ....... and the added compost has grown a tomato plant (not so sure it will make it through the winter with the frost, but I'm happy to let it grow for now and see what comes of it!

I've been trying to get on top of things here - cleaned out the kitchen cupboards and pantry, and the next major job is to attack the piles of paperwork!  Over the years I've tried a number of ways in which to keep the incoming paperwork under control - unfortunately when "life" gets in the way of routine, it seems that  paperwork has a way of reproducing in copious amounts and taking over every place it can get to!!  Hopefully I'll be able to tame it over the winter months!


Helen said...

Lots happening at your place, the garden is looking lovely. Wow I love your Jumper, look forward to seeing it on :)

Christine M said...

Sounds like plenty is happening at your place, Sharm. Your jumper is looking lovely.