Thursday, April 2, 2015

April Arrives

It would seem that April has arrived ..... already!!  Is it really the 4th month of the year here
already??  Things seem to have been so busy thus far, I sure hope April brings a leading to a somewhat slower pace, ....... but I have my doubts lol

I was pleased to get my knitted dress completed by the end of March so I could have a finish for OPAM and since it was a major finish, I'm ok with that!  Progress continues on the other projects and naturally, one down and another project gets picked up ........ my first attempt at lace knitting, I'm working on this little number
Sandpiper Shawl another of Laura's patterns, and with a KAL attached any questions get answered and you have the company of others knitting the same pattern with you!  Plus as an added bonus/incentive there are little random prices throughout the kal ........ last weekend I won a pattern of my choice from the  Laura Aylor Collection - I chose the        which is a unisex pattern - meaning I can knit one up for DH.  I mentioned this to him and happened to have the latest swatches from Bendigo Woollen Mills sitting on the table .......... not so long afterwards I was given the name of the colour yarn he would like his sweater knitted up in lol - I take this as testament that my knitting skills have improved to a standard worthy of wearing a "handknit by wife" out in public lol

DD has been up for a couple of nights with us as she had a specialist appointment to attend.  It was lovely to catch up with her, although she did miss out of seeing her dad since he is currently working away this week.  If she wasn't working all over Easter she would have stayed a bit longer..... perhaps next time :)   She did make a couple of requests before leaving - more thick pot mits, a couple more of my crochet topped handtowels and a knitted scarf.  It's nice to know they like using the handmade items and when they start to request them, you know you are doing something special!!   Homegrown/made/laid  eggs, apricot jam and soaps all went back to Melbourne with her as well :)

I'm now at a point where I need to make a written list/queue of the handmades needed/requested:
the start of Sandpiper Shawl

Currrently working on: Ingonish (thick jumper for me); Park Slope (tee for me); Sandpiper shawl (for me)
Requests/ Needs:
Shoalhaven Sweater for Pete
Scarf for Stace (not sure which pattern I'll use yet )
Potholders for Stace (nice thick sewn ones please) - mine seem to be wearing down a bit too, so I may need to make up a couple more and perhaps put a few away for birthdays/Christmas??
Crochet topped handtowels (the ones with my crochet flowers on top)
Shawl for my Mum (she is happy to sit in the docks and wait patiently - I have some handdyed yarn on order to make this one up)
Featherweight Cardigan - for me and its been in the queue for about a year now....... could really use it about now!!

Very soon I need to leave to go with the trailer to pick up the front fence Pete has ordered!  The old chicken wire one has seen better days and the garden there became overgrown with the grass, so we have been pulling out all the lavender bushes, some of the roses, lots of other bits and pieces so we can get the wire down and the new fence up.   
Easter begins tomorrow, I'm guessing I'll have plenty to keep me occupied .............
Have a great day :)
Hugs Sharm


Christine M said...

Your dress looks great, Sharm. Well done. Going by that list, your hands aren't going to be idle for a long time! Have a lovely Easter. xx

Mrs. Doug said...

Wow... you did a great job on the dress! I'm impressed. I can barely knit and following a pattern is a mystery to me.

Looks like you have a pretty ambitious list of projects, but your winter is coming in and ours is going out. I started a new cross stitch pattern which will probably take me through the next winter as well since I've only finished 1/5th of is so far. I had to wait quite a while for the pattern to come in, so most of my winter had gone by without any new projects.
Currently we are tapping trees and I boiled sap last weekend and hope this weekend will be even more profitable. We like maple syrup on french toast and blueberry pancakes... yum.

Have fun with all your new projects!