Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Busyness

Easter around here turned out to be somewhat busier than I had hoped it might be.  My plans had been for joining in with Cheryll and everyone else for Friday Night With Friends and continuing with sewing, knitting and crochet all over the Easter period.   While I did manage to get some work done on my shawl in dribs and drabs ............. I never did make it to getting sewing done that I really did want to get started on!  

Part of that was due to having to work on a
Old Fence and pick up of new fence from Wodonga
couple of major outside projects ......... DH decided it was time to replace the old wire fence line along the front which we just couldn't stop the grass from growing through and between two lots of chicken wire netting making the place look rather unloved!  Since he is currently working away during the week, I was sent on the mission on Thursday to drive up to Wodonga to collect the parts for the new fence which he had ordered...........

Son and I had cleared away just about all the lavender bushes and other shrubs and plants along the  43 mtrs (approx. 129ft) fence line.   Friday morning DH and I were outside early to begin the task of pulling down the old fence.  Post holes were dug and then welding commenced to put up the bars between.  
 So while the welding and post hole digging was going on, I decided to take advantage since I still needed to be within earshot of them, ........ and finally get to cleaning out the pond ready for winter.  Its been a couple of years since we cleaned it out and I was aware that it had a lot of silt and muck in it ......... turned out it had more than I had bargained for!!!  Not for anything was I able to suction out the water .......... so was left with the back breaking task of bucketing the water out ............ not just throwing out the water, since it was full of black thick yuck ...... and fish ...... meaning each bucket had to be carefully emptied ........ eventually I hit the bottom and had it cleaned out as best as was going to happen after hours of bucketing!!!

Seems the Kookaburras have eaten all but 2 of the bigger gold fish, but we seem to have a good lot of medium and small fish in lots of various colours who were all keen to get back into the pond after spending most of the day in buckets!! Good Friday was quite a long day, finished off by the annual event of the Royal Childrens Fundraising at the Boorhaman Hotel ........ a tiny township in which we lived before our move to Townsville ...... this year the locals raised over $21,0000!!

The Fence project continued over Saturday (having to stop due to rain) ...... Sunday .......
and Monday, when finally this big section was completed!!!  PJ (son currently living with us) helped at various stages, but also required a few lifts into or out of Wangaratta over Easter where
he was catching up with friends (which is how I seemed to loose more of my time ....... driving ...... hopefully he has his license back this week), plus those trips into town to grab extra screws, searching for those screens that go into welding masks, and a quick trip Sunday morning with DH to the Yarrawonga market -    The finished Fence does look good though ..... and now today we head back to work lol!!


Christine M said...

I bet you're pleased with the new fence, Sharm. And the fish will be very happy now to see the way as they swim around!

Helen said...

Wow you were busy but what a wonderful result I'm sure the fish are very happy with your effort !

Karen @ Beatrice Euphemie said...

This is my first visit Sharmayne - I enjoyed having a look around your busy homestead. The fence turned out very nice and I'll bet you are happy to have the job of pond cleaning all done. I will stop by again...Karen

Terry said...

Wow... so busy :) Sounds like us. Cleaning up the winter mess outside and updating the animal area. Busy, busy, busy!!! Hugs