Sunday, March 22, 2015


Friday was the monthly Sew In night with Wendy  from Sugalane Quilts. It's a virtual meet up every 3rd Friday night of the month........  and a good reminder that there is only another week left of the month to get any finishes completed before a new month explodes upon us!  So far this year, I seem to be doing mostly knitting - currently working on 3 major projects, which just happen to be all by the same designer - Laura Aylor.   They are currently in various stages - but Friday night (and most of Friday as well) was all about attempting to complete the sleeveless dress I've been knitting up ....... and yes, I completed the knitting part of it!!  Now I just have a number of threads to sew in, and it needs to be washed and blocked so the hem sits nicely - which is why this post has been slightly delayed....... I wanted a good shot of it to post up lol

For those of you who are curious about my other two projects ....... Park Slope is a t-shirt which will be great for Autumn and Spring weather

And Ingonish which will be super warm in the midst of winter since it's made with a thick 10ply yarn.  I love the design on the front of this - but I have to say I was not overthrilled with this yarn - perhaps that's because the yarn I chose got so held up in the post, I ended up purchasing whatever was available locally.

 I'm really enjoying my knitting these days and look forward to getting a few pieces into our wardrobes.
Hope you all have a great day


creations.1 said...

Your knitting is lovely Sharmyne - great projects you will get a lot of use out of I am sure!!

Helen said...

Love it, great knitting skills !

Lin said...

What a great dress! Your other projects look great too. xx