Saturday, November 1, 2014

It's on ..... It's off..... it's in debate!!

Gardeners Blend
So you might be wondering just what I've been getting up to since my last post??  Well, wonder no more...... apart from getting stuck into the garden fighting a good fight against the weeds, and getting the vegie garden planted up for summer...... hmmm, well it was summer a couple of days ago, but today its been freezing again...... makes me want to get out the knitting to keep myself warm lol     But most of all, the thing that's been keeping me busy has been the pull to get my little homemade soap business budding again....... soap, candle melts and homecare products like furniture conditioner made from local beeswas, cold pressed olive oil and yummy essential oils....... but
Choc Mint
of course there is always an obstacle or two (at the very least)....... I'm currently finding out all about soaps coming under the Australian  NICNAS legislation and the crazy thoughts of having to actually get insurance in the case of those very few horrendous ones who like to sue....... yes, soap is a chemical it seems, even with natural ingredients it creates a chemical reaction (or there would be no soap!!) 
Orange Cinnamon
 It's a bit of a shame given how popular my soaps seem to be with friends, relatives and coworkers......... but we shall see how it pans out...... perhaps I will just remove soaps from my list of products :(  Meantime we've been lucky enough to have a little café open up here in Bundalong!!  So exciting to be able to have somewhere local to purchase a cuppa!!
Vanilla Coffee Bean


creations.1 said...

Public & Product Liability e I have it for my market stall - not because I sell soaps etc, only handcrafts - but if I unknowingly leave a pin in something, or a cord or button that a child might choke themselves with,I am covered if that someone decides to sue. Unfortunately that is the way of life today - most insurance companies have both product and public liability that you can purchase as a package. Unfortunately you are selling a 'chemical' product - much prefer yours to the commercially manufactured type tho. Good luck with it all.

Astri Bowlin said...

What a shame, I'm sorry. That orange cinnamon sounds so yummy!

Narelle said...

Such a shame we have to be responsible for others.
Love the look of your soaps and oh how great would that choc mint go with that coffee :)

Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Your soaps look gorgeous! I bet they smell scrumptious too! Hope you can get it sorted with the right regulations