Monday, November 10, 2014

A bit of produce

As many of you know, our little cottage sits on about 1/3 acre which includes the area the house, sheds, water tank etc take up.........We do enjoy the garden, but we also like it to be productive, after all we still have a decent mortgage that we are trying to pay off.  While DH works full time, and I go out working 3 days a week, it's important to me to do as much as possible with what God has given us......... The veggie garden is a great's one thing to grow fruit and veg, but you have to also be prepared to put in the time so it doesn't go to waste!  Yesterday I picked 4 lovely beetroot that were ready and boiled them & sliced them to  have beetroot ready for salads and sandwiches this week.  It was really quite simple.....I used the woman's weekly recipe, but made a slight alteration......since I only had 1/2 kg of beetroot, I only needed half the amount of vinegar, water, sugar, and peppercorns, and I added a small sprinkle of chille powder .....( oh,  and I didn't use the star anise either)....I love how this turned out.  I've used various other bases in previous years with minimal success......this is by far the best!   We also pulled some of the red onions that were ready & once they dry a little I'll hang them ready for use.
I thought you might like to see my girls......  They were just getting themselves settled down for the night......they work hard providing eggs, eating pests, turning over the garden and depositing fertiliser for the garden.   Goodnight Girls!


Mrs. Doug said...

Funny you picking beets this time of year for you. We just had a good freeze and I always wait till after that to pull the beets because they are so much sweeter.

I'll be putting some pictures up before I get them all into the freezer. I think we pulled about 50 lbs but I haven't weighed them yet. We've already eaten quite a few and they were yummy.

I'll have to try your recipe. Mr. D wouldn't eat it because of the sugar, but it sounds like a good combination to me and I like beets on salads.

Are those red onions or shallots? I have never grown onions. I would like to try sometime. I have grown leeks which we like very much.

Helen said...

Oh you sound very productive everything looks and sound delicious . The girls look cosy for the night. Thanks for sharing :)