Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Nice Pick Up!

For ages now I've been on the hunt for a little narrow  table at a good height to use in my little cabin for one of the sewing machines to sit on, and I've been thinking about the fact of wanting to get a bike again (mine was sold when we moved from Boorhaman to Townsville in 2008), but not
wanting to spend a lot etc etc...... you know how it goes.... Well,  Hubbie and I went to a farm clearance sale on the weekend....... so much stuff and yet we came away with not a thing, but then had to go to town to pick up a couple of items and we saw a sign for a garage sale.........  well we decided we may as well go and have a look, even more so when I saw the little table sitting out the front... After purchasing the little table for $15 and the stool for $2 I caught sight of the bike and picked it up for just $3!!  It did have 2 flat tyres which Hubbie soon pumped up and it seems the rest works fine, although I've only managed to ride around the yard since before I can hit the road I need to get a helmet so I don't get fined.
As you might imagine I was pretty keen to start reorganising the little cabin to accommodate it's new pieces..........  I think it fits just perfect!!
 I'm afraid you also get to see the busy table and projects and candle melts sitting on the sofa waiting to be finished off....... but then it wouldn't be my cabin if it didn't have projects sitting around at various stages of completion lol   Hoping to get out there for a good day of sewing come the end of the week!


Christine M said...

Great buys, Sharm. I love the table. It looks perfect with your machine on it.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

You got some deals and the little table is great for your sewing machine.


Mrs. Doug said...

Yard Sales are GREAT!! I'm so glad to take away someone else's stuff at a great price. I try not to stop at too many since I could become a "horder" :)
I'm working on a little applique project for Christmas. I'll put up pictures of my progress when I get a chance.

Have a great day!