Sunday, February 9, 2014

Recap from Last Week

Last week seemed to go by in a flash as I had both  my daughter and my husband with various medical issues, so I need to recap as a couple of swaps turned up here !
A big thankyou goes out to Cheryll from Gone Stitching.  for hosting the Initial Heart Swap!  I've received mine in the mail from Kaye  ....... such lovely work ....... if you follow the green letters in the cross stitch, it actually spells out my full name  "Sharmayne"!  Thankyou Kaye!

As it turns out, Kaye was the lady I was making for............ after visiting her blog it seemed she was into cats and cooking,   and on receiving a thankyou email, turns out she loves purple as well!!
I decided to make Kaye one of my own aprons, and I'm pleased to say that she seems to like it!  I really liked the colour combinations on this one  and the cats inside the hearts on the fabric I used for the pocket!

I also sent out my dishcloths  to ?????  and received a set from JulieThanks Julie they will be well used!

And  on browsing some blogs over the past couple of weeks, I stumbled upon a few that took me to Ravelry- a site for anyone who has a love for yarn and working with it!!  After initially getting a little lost over there, I've found so many people willing to help out newbies to the site!  Its a place where you can put your yarn projects, patterns, have your books and magazines on a library shelf of your own, keep a record of your stash and see and find lots of ideas and patterns!!  And now that the winter Olympics have started, there is a bit of a challenge to work on some projects and UFOs to get them completed during this time!!  Sounded like a fine idea to me.... I can get some things finished that need doing, so I'm currently working on a market bag - yes, it is summer here and we do have a heat wave, but I'm thankful to say we also have air conditioning which means its too hot for outside work, and perfect temp for crochet work!!


Anonymous said...

lovely swap gifts sent and received Sharm,a lovely swap ladies.xx

Helen said...

Lovely gifts both ways.