Wednesday, December 4, 2013

December is Here!

The 1st of December is our official day for putting up the Christmas Tree around here!  It's now a family tradition, and I do think its kinda nice how we have managed to make some little family traditions over the years that now mean so much to our children!

Another family tradition is the advent calendar......... next year I hope to have some handmade ones done as I bought some panels the other week and plan to make one up for the cottage, our Sons family and our daughter as she will be moving out of home sometime during next year.  The eldest son is still single and not so much into advent calendars these days lol............

However, Scruffy is well versed in what they mean, and he has his very own!!

So with the Christmas Tree up, the Christmas Cards have been getting written and a lot have
already been posted out........... none leave the Booth household until the 1st of December at the earliest lol.    I've been kept busy getting some little crocheted coasters made up to pop into some of the Christmas cards.  I've actually made an extra 7 purple ones by now as well, but didn't take photos before they went into the cards.

Secret sewing for dear daughter continues, so unfortunately there are no flowers getting done just yet.
Well, I best go and continue on with things..... the start of December is always a busy time around here, but lots of fun!


Helen said...

It's a beautiful time for family's and such a lovely tradition !

Christine M said...

Your tree looks lovely Sharm. We usually put ours up on the 1st too but it just hasn't happened this year yet! The boys have finished school now so I'll get them cracking with it!