Saturday, September 28, 2013

Family Time

Our son , DIL, and 3 grandchildren are down visiting with us for 4 days! They live in Townsville, the other end of Australia, and it's been a year since we've been able to see them, so we are really enjoying this time with them!

We have also done an ealy Christmas with them so we have the chance to give them gifts that cost to much to post!

Later today we will be celebrating my DH's 65 th birthday, and then having a couple more days before they live to start the drive back up.  They are enjoying stops along the way, and our dear DIL is finally getting to experience what Victoria is like.....she is loving the difference in the gardens, trees and landscape!


Anonymous said...

cant beat family bonding time Sharm,enjoy your time with them.xx

Helen said...

What lovely family photos nice that you have them with you for awhile enjoy !!!!!!

FarmerGirl said...

Also having a son who lives faraway I know how precious this time is. Be blessed!