Sunday, September 8, 2013

Spring is Here

How lovely it is to be able to welcome Spring back!  The warmer days and being able to sit outside on the veranda to enjoy a cuppa, the sun and the garden............ I found this in a garden shop the other day..... it was just crying out to me to come and sit at my front door to welcome visitors! Yes, I'm afraid I need to take those pumpkins into the kitchen LOL

Unfortunately, with spring, the weeds also like to come, and so I've been spending a good deal of time out weeding...... which sometimes means that gardens get moved around....... I'm afraid I get easily distracted once I'm out in the garden, going from one area to another.  As you can see, I still have plenty of weeding to do and lots of fixing up...... like the wire over the pond so the kookaburras that come each evening to be fed by us..... stop fishing the goldfish out of my pond!!!! 
 The fruit trees are out in bloom - they always look so pretty.  Once the flowers die we will be waiting with baited breath to see if we get a good crop of fruit on each of them.  We have white nectarines, peach, apricot, blood plum and apple trees,  but some of these are only young and keep in mind we have only been here at the cottage for 3 1/2yrs, so the garden is still a work in progress............ particularly when one has to attend work for part of the week! 

The Mr has been busy getting his shed extended out to give him more room and to be able to pop in an old wood heater so that during next winter he will be able to use his shed without turning into an iceblock!  And how wonderful it is when the Mr ends up with more concrete than he needs......... every good wife knows that she should have an idea of just where that extra bit of concrete can go  (smile)........ right in front of the gate to my hen house !  Love it !

And now its time to go and get working on some hand sewing before the weekend disappears..... it seems to have a habit of doing that, have you noticed??
Hugs Sharm


chrissies said...

A wonderful post with beautiful photographs.

We are just starting Autumn in England and the colours are quite different for us.

Chrissie xx

Christine M said...

I love the smell of Jasmine that's now in the air. We have some growing next to the house. It always let's you know Spring is here! Have a great day Sharm. xx

Lynda said...

The garden is looking good Sharm!!

Hard to believe you've been there
3 1/2 years already! Where does the time go!! xx