Thursday, September 12, 2013

A Spinning Thursday!

After an early start with a trip into Wangaratta for a work breakfast meeting, I managed to get a
few errands done and a little shopping as I need to get a couple of gifts for when the son, DIL & grandies arrive down in a couple of weeks......... well, while looking I naturally found a lovely looking book that I just couldn't go past.... for me of course LOL

After that it was off to Corowa, another township not too far away that is also on the Murray River.  It is here that I have been lucky enough to be able to join in with a very talented bunch of ladies. 
They are the Corowa Spinners and Weavers Group, and they are patiently teaching me the fine art of spinning!   After waiting 25 Yrs to be able to learn this art, I have been blessed with purchasing my own spinning wheel not so very long ago at the market for a song, and getting the guidance from these lovely ladies to work out my wheel, and use one of their wheels while mine awaits a little knob to keep the tension in check.  Thankyou girls!!

And here is Mary, who has been spinning for 40yrs,  working right beside me where she can offer assistance each time I get tangled LOL.   On the way home I stopped in on a close friend to let her know how I went..... she just happens to live on sheep farm, so checked out the type of fleece Mary was getting me to use so that she can keep me some when they do the next lot of shearing!  I am so blessed to have such lovely people living around!
Hugs To all,   Sharm


Raewyn said...

Oh lucky you - I too would love to learn how to spin one day :-) Sounds like a great day all round!

Sharmayne said...

Now for lots of practise!!

Karen said...

The tea cosy book looks wonderful and how exciting to try spinning! I have always wanted to try a drop spindle and hope to find a nice one and some fleece at an upcoming fiber festival this fall.

Helen said...

You are very lucky to have such a group of ladies. Enjoy your journey into the world of spinning. Sounds fascinating !!

Heather said...

Lucky to have lovely ladies to offer assistance.