Thursday, October 17, 2013

Springtime at the Cottage

My nose definitely knows its springtime here at the cottage..... hayfever and sinus have me in a constant state of sneezing and snuffling.  Of course it does not help that there are spare blocks of land directly across the road with grass a metre high, all seeding and blowing like mad in the winds we have here at present!  Still, that's the down side of spring for me, but there are lots of ups as well........  like our very first hatching of chickens here at this cottage! 
 Even though I have bred chooks before, at this home we are unable to have roosters, and earlier on I had decided against letting the broodies have chickens, but this year I relented and got hold of some fertile eggs..... 7 out of 8 have hatched out and doesn't Mama Scarlett look so proud of her little brood! 

We even had a cute little visitor stop by to have a look..... We don't often see these types of parrots here, so it was great to be able to catch a photo of him
Not much sewing or crochet has been going on around here for the past few weeks, its been busy with other things like more birthday celebrations (daughter turning 24), Spring gardening, all the extra bits and details that have come with finally having a contract placed on the house back up in Townsville that was meant to sell 3 1/2 yrs ago when we were buying this home (bridging finance that lasted a much longer time than we ever could have imagined and has brought all sorts of complications with the crashing market up in Queensland!).  Here's hoping things settle down over the next couple of weeks before Pete and I head off on a little road trip of our own for a couple of weeks!


Helen said...

The chicks look adorable, lovely photos ,have a great time on your road trip :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm Scarlett's chicks are so cute and yes she does look a proud mum,lol.
Hope you and hubby enjoy your break away.xx