Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tuesdays Treasures and a bit more

Thanks Melody for reminding me it's time to start back with our Tuesday Treaures..... This week that award would have to go to "my girls" who have been very busy in every garden bed they could get into while I've been at work!  The strawberry patch has lovely divets and I'm sure some of the plants will make it........  mulch apparently looks much nicer spread over the green lawn, rather than piled up on garden beds like I had it, and my seaside daisies that had finally managed to grow larger  - have been wonderfully pruned into small round tuffs with wonderful holes between the plants to give a nice effect !!!   So it was with much gusto that I took the roll of wire, garden stakes in hand on Sunday and created their very own little yard around their pen!  They are a little unsure what to make of this change and poor Henrietta was quite confused when she was unable to come knocking on the doggie door asking for hand outs for herself and friends...... she did manage to call out to us from the little yard and seemed quite happy when an assortment of scraps was scattered in their for them.  They do have some nice little garden areas within their yard, so we shall see.

On another note - I've picked the last of the corn from our garden .


Terry said...

Ahhh, the girls are adorable, sorry about the garden issues, but they are still cute:) Love the name Henrietta, seems so appropiate.
The corn looks really good, I haven't even began to plan my garden yet, still have 3-4 months before I will be planting.
Have a blessed week.

Sheila said...

Well I suppose they did help to keep the insect population down ;-0 Lovely corn,

Melody said...

Your girls are so cute, even though they are garden vandals.

Rochelle said...

Oh, I love your girls. I had girls too but my husband used to feed them every day and when he left a couple of months agi they pined for him and one passed away so we have one girl now. She is not much better, she refuses to eat any of the foods I get her so she is allowed out each day. Yes she has rearranged all of the mulch too but she has fun :-) Mind you. I don't have any herbs or vegges or flowers out there at the moment :-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love your girls and their gardening ablilities. LOL! Fresh corn lucky you. Yum!