Monday, January 2, 2012

Move it Mondays

Today it's Monday and I started the day with an early morning walk!  Its going to get veeerrrrry hot here today, so it seemed like a good plan!  The walk was great and I did take lots of photos (I've put a few on my Move it Monday blog which I'm sharing with those taking part in this challenge, so leave me a comment or drop an email if you want to take part and get a bit healthier and loose a few pounds this year).  Blogger, or maybe my computer has taken 3 hrs to post a handful of photos there, so I'm only popping on one here for now......... during my walk I took the river track leading back to the boat ramp close to our home........... it just looks really nice and thought I'd share it with you! 
Thought I might also share some of my shopping specials from during the christmas/New Year Period............ these should keep me going for a while and give lots of inspirations!! (hmmm, nope, can't get the photo to go on........ maybe later then)

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