Saturday, January 28, 2012

How Far Will/ Do You Go........

I have to say I got a complete surprise to find that my good old frozen peas came from New Zealand - not that I have anything at all against anything grown there..... but seriously, does my food have to travel that far to get onto our dinner plates?  It got me to wondering about other items in my pantry and fridge.  Food is expensive enough as it is and here I'm paying not only for packaging, but to have some of it fly in from other countries......... Why??? 
Here is a quick selection - Cottees Cordial, Jelly , Sundried Tomato Strips and the margarine: use both Australian and imported goods.  McCain Peas and the Heinz tomato soup from New Zealand, Bertolli Olive Oil from Italy, and the wonderful Miracle Whip I like to use in my potato salad come from the Phillipines!
Thankfully I was pleased to discover some Australian Produce in my pantry and fridge and I would encourage everyone, no matter where you live to try and support the produce grown and produced within your own country, or as close as possible. 

Of course LOCAL is even better........ but the best of all has to be the stuff you grow yourself or swap/ barter with neighbours, friends and work colleagues.  Yes, it does require a bit of hard work, planning and having a go - but you know what has been put in the ground and onto the food you are piling onto the plates of your loved ones! 


Anonymous said...

we try to buy australian products also,its not so easy sometimes.xx

Sharmayne said...

Agreed Shez! Plus it's time consuming having to check the labels! My friend found out her "Logan Farm" spinach (frozen) came from Eurpoe somewhere! I did check peas at the supermarket yesterday- Birds Eye stated Australian, but the frozen blueberries I was going to get were from China- I may be wrong, but I think they are still able to use things like deldrum there???