Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcoming in Summer

Well officially it's Summer here in Aus as from today!  You wouldn't necessarily know that if you could see me as I'm writing here sitting with a warm jacket on before I go and head out the door for work!  Anyhow first things first - The Summer Swap run by Cheryl -  My lovely parcel arrived from Maria - such lovely work!  Thanks Maria - I love them all they will be well treasured!

........ and my parcel to Maria left from Yarrawonga yesterday (had to wait to head into town to be able to post it off).  I forgot to take photos of the wrapped parcel and since I can't show you what I sent her just yet, you will all have to wait till Maria receives it in the mail.
With summer comes all the stone fruit - this year we bought a new cherry tree (since the others didn't survive last year) and so here is our bounty from it:

I sure do hope this tree survives or we paid a hefty price for a punnet of cherries if it doesn't  LOL
Yesterday when I went into town to post off the summer swap, I took a detour into the material shop in order to get some more "star" buttons for some little christmas trees I'm making............. well of course I didn't only come out with the buttons did I?  The lovely christmas wall hanging I liked, but they had run out of patterns for (this was months ago of course )- yes well, it was there in a kit form - along with a wonderful looking quilt top which they of course had the pattern for

Yes, they both came home with me :)   And as we were talking and chatting away it came up she was looking for some little "non sewing" type things to have in store - so now my soaps and candle melts will be heading to a new stockist this weekend!
Stace and I started working on the christmas decorations yesterday - Scruffy meantime was snoozing

- and he says a big thankyou to all those who have asked after him.  He is limited now in what he can do and has to made to rest a bit so his other leg doesn't go for a while, but he is happier and is just lapping up all the extra attentiion he now gets!

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Maria said...

Delighted my parcel arrived and you are happy with the contents.
Will keep watch in my post box for yours.
It is funny how these things jump into our bags in quilt shops.LOL
Looks like the boys are resting well.