Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Really! Did they really fit me last year???

Yeah, you know the story (it couldn't just be me could it??) - those clothes that fitted last summer and now look like they belonged to another person entirely!  What happened to the days when stress used to shed the weight from me......... now it seems to bring chocolate, wine and all things sweet (including numerous coffee lattes) clinging to me like giant magnets! - Oh wait........... apparently those are my hips !!!@#!!    I've had a great time eating and drinking very merrily - but now............... well, I really would like to see those clothes on me again (with the buttons and zips done up - and not wondering if the seams are going to burst open at any given sneeze! LOL) 
They say a woman has a greater chance of heart disease and diabetes if her waist measurement is over 80cm - that risk then doubles once it gets over 88cms...............  You just know which one I'm at don't you. 
Move It Mondays
It's time to bite the bullet - and I don't mean those yummy chocolate coated licorise ones either.  I really do need to do something about it - for myself, if for no other reason.  I want to be able to go to my closet and pick anything out knowing it fits well and I feel good in it.  I want to be in a healthier place.  I turn 50 in May and although I understand I will never look like a catwalk model, I do want to feel good, feel healthy, increase my energy levels, and enjoy my wardrobe contents without having to buy more in a larger size.  Normally I would hide all of this in the back of somewhere - but that clearly did NOT work (I found that little note from this time last year and it seems I've increased in size, not decreased) - so I'm "sucking it up" and putting out there - well down here to be exact.  I'm making up a page to help me and hopefully somewhere along the road, I may find another soul who wants to join in with me, helping each other continue on towards the goal.  So I'm making Mondays  into "Move it Monday"  (see the page)- May as well start the week moving before I find soooo many excuses to not move..................
 with  Wednesday being "Weigh in Wednesday" (a bit along the lines of that TV show " the biggest loser" - if they were able to put it out there and do it, then I guess I can too).  This is when I'll be checking my measurements and (gulp) weight..............ok, and looking at what they say!  So if there are any other souls out there who would like to come join in with me and have a bit of fun along the way (after all - I need rewards and a bit of fun to keep motivated!) - leave me a comment telling me you want to join in - then copy the pic and link it back to me so we can all have fun together!  I'm taking my measurements today and I'll be setting up a separate page for it....... these extra bits took a while to get here and they will take a bit to go!  Hope to see you come join in.  Hugs Sharm


Valentina said...

Happy New Year!

and oh... I admire you-- and why do I feel like running the other way at what you are proposing, Sharm... ooooh, ouch... you are sooooo right, and I have clothes that haven't fitted since the boys were born, and they are adopted! LOL

so what do we do?
I guess I'll need to plan an outing tomorrow involving a long hike! :) Monday- monday...

but I'm keeping my tree for another week!!!

okay, count me in!

ohhh, what have I done.....

Sharmayne said...

So glad to have some company! Yes, it seems pretty scary... but hey we can chat about our Monday Moves! LOL I'll be in touch with you.