Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Region Celebrates its Local Produce

The Queens Birthday long weekend here in North East Victoria  tends to become a celebration of food & produce as the region hosts what is called the  "Winery Walkabout".  Around Rutherglen, Bundalong, Wangaratta & Glenrowan lies an area that has many wineries, olive groves & various other farm pursuits. It has become so popular over the years with tourists coming from interstate & even some overseas visitors that busloads carry many from one lot of wineries to another.
  Some wineries are so close that visitors are able to walk from one to the other - hence the name "Winery Walkabout". - Unfortunately they tend to forget it is a Highway they are crossing over on some accounts & so ..... tradiion now also incorporates signs for the motorists to warn them - 

 However - On the Sunday (today) Rutherlen hosts a very large Farmers Market that covers just about everything you could think of - olive oils to taste & buy, soaps, cheeses, clothing, handcrafts, bunches of flowers, wooden crafts, plants, herbs, & the list continues. 

Stacey & I took to the market this morning - it covers not only the main street (which happens to be the Murray Valley Highway), but also the cross over street.  Traffic is detoured around the back streets for the day - which can be very interesting with narrow local streets that have cars parked both sides & wandering market goers!

here we are tasting some of the cheese bread sticks, which were Really, really tasty!! - should have got more of those!   But we did buy a nice looking loaf of fresh baked bread from the same stall.

I also picked up a  fleecy lined jacket for just $15 & Stace got a nice coat for $29!  Here are some of the other items I managed to buy........ including the cute little "Tiger" (Aussie Rules) booties for Nemo!
The pottery item is actually a windchime decorated with "gumleaves & blossoms".   I've already sampled the orange blossom honey....YUM!  The cheese can wait till tomorrow....... a nice treat while I plant out the onions & thyme :)


Sandra Henderson said...

Oh, what great FUN! You are so fortunate to have such lovely produce/wine/olive oil,etc. near you to enjoy. The cheese bread sticks look so yummy! Was the cheese inside the bread? As if they wrapped the bread dough around and baked? Just wondering,as I'd like to give it a go...
Lovely wind chimes and goodies. Glad you had a nice day with your daughter! :) Great memories.

Sharmayne said...

The chees breadsticks seemed to have the flavour through them - parmessan taste actually - but no sign of melted cheese! Between those, The olive oil, cheese & salami tastings, we both came home rather full!

The Mennobrarian said...

That winery walkabout sign is so funny! Orange blossom honey is my favorite kind. It's especially good on some buttermilk biscuits. What a wonderful farmer's market.

Sandra Henderson said...

wanted to remind you of my giveaway!!!! XO