Monday, June 28, 2010

It's Winter Here

Here in Bundalong its winter, and although we don't get the snow they get a couple hours away on the mountains, we do get the foggy mornings & the odd frost.  This morning its cold & foggy - this is looking out from the front verandah...................
but inside it's nice and warm

Not that the flash shows the lovely flames very well.  Anyhow, I've been utilizing the wood ash to help in the vegie garden......................making pathways!  It seems to work so well - easy to walk on, the grass doesn't seem to be growing through it as quickly as the soil itself, & I can always "move" the pathways later by simply digging the wood ash into the soil!

Yesterday was just a beautiful day, so we got busy in the yard - first of getting the sand set out ready for the water tank to be delivered sometime over the next couple of weeks - sure hope its soon, cause the dogs are loving the feel of sand between their paws  LOL

The bulbs I planted when we first arrived are shooting - & some are even beginning to bloom.

But getting back to today - which I happen to have off work ..YAH!!, I've been busy - got the little baby quilt finished ready for little "Nemo" (the nickname of our soon to be new grandbaby boy)

And just finished getting the jam drops out of the oven - they should make a nice little snack while I write a few snail mails & perhaps begin getting some more crochet done on the lap blanket for Stacey.
Pray you are all having a great day wherever & whatever it may find you doing.

Hugs, Sharm


Terry said...

Hi Sharm, Love all the pics. Hard to think about winter, while we are having a heat wave here in Indiana! Soooo hot and humid, yuck!!!! Those jam drops look really yummy:)
Love & Hugs

Robyn said...

Oh gosh I wanna be at your place... you make me feel right at home.
Stay warm... it's cold here :-)

Mrs. Doug said...

I have so enjoyed reading your posts. 1/2 a world away, yet so many similar experiences. I found you through The Mennobrarian. We live in New Hampshire. I have a nephew and wife and their 2 daughters who are headed to Austrailia (Darwin) very soon. I would so love to visit there myself. I have a feeling I would fit right in (except the accent).

Of course we are having summer right now and setting record high temperatures at that. Yesterday the temperatures reached 108 deg F in some areas. I don't think I have ever seen temperatures that high in New England. Today is a little cooler, but the humidity is high and so it feels just as warm.

I guess we should be thankful because in a few months in may be 12-20 below zero deg F,
and we'll be wishing for some of this heat.

I will be following your blog now.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Wish we could sit down and sip a cup of tea together someday.

God Bless,
Mrs. D