Thursday, June 3, 2010

A Bit of This & A dash of That.

I'm running late with posting again!  This is Cliff - our pet lorikeet who has been in the family for a good number of years now since our son Jaron bought him when he was at school in Year 10 (now he's 24 with a family of his own).  Cliff decided to pull out alot of his feathers + in this photo, he just finished having a bath - truely a sight!   He got rather upset today when ..............

This Ibis came looking for some food!  Cliff, who can mimick most things, barked so the dogs would come running to scare it away!

And now here at last are my one flower wednesday flowers for the past 3 weeks.  The little flower with the blue petals....... the blue & the patterned colour are currently being used in the quilt I'm making for little "Nemo" - our grandchild due in July!  Hope you like the colours Nay.  I'll post a photo of the quilt before long..... very close to being finished!   - Meanwhile,  Stace reminds me she is still waiting for me to finish quilting & binding her quilt.  Looks like I could be busy this weekend.
Oh, & for those wondering what's happening workwise.   Looks like I was successful in getting my old job back.  So I'll be back working 3 days a week..........  glad I've made the most of the time getting lots done here to help get us nicely settled in.   Tomorrow we even have the roofer arriving to fix all the leaking guttering!


Karen said...

Cliff is so cute and love your hexagon flowers! Don't forget to use the weekly Sign In sheet so other members will come see your beautiful flowers.

Sharmayne said...

Thanks Karen, but not sure if I've done the link correctly. Let me know how to fix it if its not right.

Terry said...

Cliff is adorable:) Even with the missing feathers & sounds like he is pretty smart!
Love your hexagon flowers, I have never tried the hexagon flowers, maybe some day:)
Take it easy at work:)

Anonymous said...

I love your flowers & CLIFF!

Joan said...

Hi are looking ggod. We have those Ibis's here - they are a real nuisance. Pleased things are settling down a bit for you..and good to know you have your old job back :)

Valentina said...

Sharmayne, Cliff made me laugh! Barking! Smart boy... I love the wet-feathers!
Your hexies are looking so cute, excellent work, and I am so happy to hear about your job,
:) xox from Cyprus,

Mayleen said...

A barking bird, hmmm! Sounds like he's an interesting pet and lots of fun too.

Your flowers are looking good!

mrsjohn said...

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