Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Back from down south

Our 25th wedding anniversary dinner with friends while in Melbourne. Thanks Jen for all the organizing for this, we had a great night! Apart from catching up with various friends both in Melbourne & up country, we had the business side of things to do................. What's happening with the moving you've all asked........

Yes, it has been a little while since I've given you all an update, but I did have to wait till we had our week away down in Vic to sort things out.............. like find & buy our new home :) Admittedly we had spent quite a few weeks searching through the internet & speaking on the phone to real estate agents, so when we arrived in North East Vic we did have some idea of where we were searching & had places lined up to see. Funnily enough the 2 places that stood out the most........... neither had been seen on the internet by us & we just "stubbled" upon them! So after just 3 days down there we managed to have a contract ready for signing......Yah!! God really did have His hand in it, that is for sure! We looked at quite a few places "in the flesh" & this one below suited us the best!
It sits on just over a quarter acre with plenty of room for our vegie patch, fruit trees, chooks & such. It has some established shade trees which will also be an added blessing. Below you can see part of the living area, which also has a wonderful wood heater. And here is a shot of the kitchen, which will soon be filled with all our own items. Plenty of bench space for preserving & baking :)


Terry said...

Congrats Sharm, looks and sounds like just the perfect place for you:) Very nice home.
God's Blessings be with you during the move:)

Sharmayne said...

Thanks Terry, I'm pretty excited & can't wait to get there & get our own furniture & stuff in there.