Monday, April 10, 2017

April Friday Night with Friends

The first week of April is down already, which of course meant the first Friday of the month
joining in with lots of other ladies around the world for some stitching of one kind or another with our lovely host Cheryll.  This time I did something totally different ...... I mentioned our daughter Stacey came up for a visit the other weekend and while she was here she had to sort through a pile of her clothes - she was a little sad to have to throw all her coloured denim shorts and a special pair of flowered denim jeans into the "opp shop" pile since they no longer fit her.   Well she has just found out she is scheduled for some surgery (something rather unexpected occurred a couple of months back and she was placed on a priority list) ......  So on Friday I figured I might just take those shorts and jeans out of the pile and cut them up .......... 
The Front

And turn them into a pillow for her ............ 
And the Back - the fav flowered jeans

I'm heading down to Melbourne on Wednesday to stay with her and take her into the  The Royal Womens Hospital on Thursday.  Strangely enough this is the hospital she was tranfered to by neonatal unit hours after she was born and placed on life support where she stayed hooked up for 3 very long days and nights while they waited to see if she was strong enough to fight and survive.  Three times during the first few months the doctors expected her to die ........ now here we are 27 and a half years later .......... I expect I'm going to have some very mixed emotions while waiting for her to come out of surgery!    Anyhow, I'll be taking the pillow down with me to give her and sure hope she embraces the fact that I cut her favourite jeans up lol

After working on the pillow, I turned to do some stitching on month 3 of Down the Rabbit Hole -
this month is working on leaves, the centre circle and then a border. 
I decided to pull out this cute little seal skin thimble that was sent to me all the way from Alaska by an online friend a few years ago.  I've held off using it for years, but decided it was time to use it.

Night time sees me sitting down for an hour or so in front of the TV and working on the ripple cotton crochet blanket for grandson Jaxson.  Still a while to go on it yet though!  A bit like this post which has had to wait since yesterday arvo for google photos to decide it was happy to play! 

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

7 Years!

Apparently my last 2 posts haven't actually published and are somewhere in cyberspace!!  How frustrating is that!!  So it's now 2 weeks or there abouts since I last posted, and I'll try to fill you in!  On March 26 it was 7 years since we collected the keys to the cottage here at Bundalong!  How time flies!!  So with the end of March I was able to make the OPAM report having finished 2 projects - the crochet blanket and a sewn chair cover.
  I do enjoy linking up with Peg and Kris for this "one project a month" as it's good to be able to look back and see what's been achieved during the year.  Of course I've also been keeping up with my two BOM's but since they are a block each month the projects won't be actually finished till the end of the year! The 3rd pattern is just out for down the rabbit hole as it get released the very last day of the month, so I'm currently working on cutting out little leaves for the flowers - I'll show you during the week sometime. 
This weekend gone we had daughter and partner come for a quick visit while they were up from Melbourne to attend a christening.  With the cold weather now beginning I gave John the beanie I made up for him in January and he was thrilled with it!  A very good reaction and he's planning to wear it to and from work!

For those wondering if I've started attacking that load of cotton yarn that arrived last week ....... well, of course I have lol ......... I've begun work on a  crochet ripple blanket for our youngest grandchild Jaxson in Bubblegum Crush, Orange and Lime Crush which were his chosen colours!
The first row of the ripple blanket

Progress on the Alternate Ripple

I fell for some magazines during the week and finally got to sit on the front veranda over the
weekend with a cuppa and begin having a bit of a read of them.  I'm really missing us not having our vegie patch - not much point with the house on the market ...... however a pumpkin vine has decided to grow in one of the patches which is kinda nice to have them covered in something!  It has quite big leaves compared to the normal pumpkin vine that has been growing here.  It's growing so fast that it already has a few decent sized pumpkins that can be seen growing!  I'm wondering if it's a Jap or maybe a Queensland Blue ..... guess I'll find out soon enough lol

That's it for me given this is the third time for writing this,..... I'm feeling a little despondent the past few days so I sure hope that passes soon - at least this week is my "short" working week so I'll get more days at home later in the week to get things done.