OPAM - One Project a Month.  : For details of what this is click Here, at  Kris at Tag Along Teddies
(c) - crocheted  (k) - knitted  (s) - sewn   QS- Queen Size         

2022 OPAM:  Running Total K: 5  S: 1  C: 1   - 7 Items
January: 2 Knitted Cowls (Northwind, Haywire); 
1 embroidered bookmark;
 Crocheted Floor Mat-  Total of 4 items

February:  1 Knitted Cowl (a second Haywire);
 1 knitted Beanie (Houndale);
 and my first ever pair of knitted socks! - Total of 3 items

March:  Woodland Table Runner (S
John's Beanie (K)
Miss Potter Shawl (K)


2019 OPAM:

January: 5 Crocheted Dishcloths;  2 Crochet topped hand towels
February: 1 Crocheted Dishcloth; 2 chair pad covers (s)
March: 2 x Crocheted Cushion Covers;Tillandsia Top (k)
April: Brookhill Brown Shawl (k); Patchwork  QS Quilt (s)
May: Working on projects - no finishesJune: QS Ocean Splash Ripple Blanket (c)

2018 OPAM: Total: 18 Sewn; 7 Knitted and 13 Crocheted Items
 WIP (looking to get these items finished this year): Down the rabbit hole quilt; hexie signature tablecloth; Wardrobe Hanging Mini quilt;   hexie woodland table runner; Summer Touchstone shawl; Baby Blanket ; Blanket for our bed - Ocean Splash; Mochila Bag; Penfriends Quilt; Knotty gloves; Sleepy Hollow Jumper

January:  1 Market bag (c)
February:   1 over shoulder bag (c)  1 baby blanket - Emma (c) ; Summer Touchstone Shawl (k)
March: 2 x Beamish Beanies (k); 
Hexie Signature Tablecloth (s)
April: Therapy Scarf for Stacey (k)
May: Rainbow Ripple lap blanket for Meagan (c)
June: 4 Lace Curtains (s);  5 Curtains (s);  1Mobec Scarf (s)
July - dinning room curtains; fogbound cardigan;  gift pouch
August - Nope - just working on things
September - Nope - crazy busy with visitors this month and starting new job
October:  Working on progects - still no finishes
November:  2 Knitted Cowls (Stacey & John)
December:  4 Trivets (s);  9 Crocheted Dishcloths;  1 Apron (s)

2017 Finishes:    Running Total (end of Nov):  4 knit; 20 crochet; 8 sewn
Number of crocheted Blankets/Afghans this year: 4 (Maryborough Dreaming; Jaxsons Ripple; Crocheted Flower Garden for Jacey; Double Bed size Ripple for Jarryn)
Dec: 7 crocheted dishcloths; 1 spring kitchen kettle mat (c); 1 apron (s); 2x pot mitts for Stacey (s); thread catcher (s)Autumn kettle mat (c); Placemat (c)
Nov: Jarryn's crocheted Blanket
Oct: Nil - working on the next blanket
Sep: Jacey's Flower Garden Blanket (c)
Aug: Meadow Ripple Cushion Cover (c)
Winter Therapy Scarf (k); Orange square Cushion Cover (c); Meadow Square Cushion Cover (c); Peach Ripple Cushion cover(c)  Relax Beanie (k);
June: Nil Finishes May: 2 finishes: - JaxsonsRipple blanket (c);  So Happy Scarf (k)
April: 1 Finish:     1  Old Jeans Cushion cover (s) 
March: 2 Finishes: 1 Crochet; 1 Sewing:
Maryborough crocheted veranda blanket;  alterations to Pete chair cover (s)  
February: 1 finish: crocheted journal cover (s)
January: 4 finishes: 1 knit; 1 crochet; 2 Sewing
Johnny Goes Jamaica Beanie (k)  Carrot Hussif (s); Journal Cover (s); Crochet Heart (c)     

working on:  blogging tablecloth;  BOM- Down the Rabbit Hole;  BOM - Handpicked wardrobe; Hexie Tablerunner;

2016 Finishes: Total 36 items - 17 knitted; 16 crocheted; 3 sewn

January:  Poncho (k) ; 2 x Beanies (k)

February:  Working on Stonehaven Sweater and Georgetown Scarf - both knitted items
                     Also working on hexie table cloth (S)
March: Georgetown Scarf (k)  Tartan Project Bag (S) 4 Dishcloths (c) 2 hand towels (c)

April:  (k) Stonehaven Jumper  and  Spring Cap (k)

May:  Sirocco Top (k)  and Storm Alveare Hat (k) Basic Shawl (k)

June:  Pierres Hat(k); Staceys plastic bag holder (s)

End of 6mth total: knit ting 10 items;crochet 6 items; sewing 2items. 

July: total  K 5. C 2. S 0 snowflake doily (c); crocheted basket; tea cozy beanie for Mindy(k); beanie for Lucy(k); Rainbow beanie for Neomi (k), Castiel Hat for Sonia (k), Milky Way Test Shawl (k)

August: nothing
September: Bear River Top (k)
October: 2  x crocheted dishcloths
November: 6 crocheted dishcloths, 1 knitted hat
December: 1 Christmas ornament (s) 

Work in Progress: blogger tablecloth;  penfriends journey quilt, bear river, knotty gloves

2015 Begins:  total divided into finishes for Crochet (C) 22, Knitting (K) 7, Sewing (S)11
January: total finishes - 0 S; 1 C; 1K
1 x dishcloth
1 x knitted cowl   

February:  nil  working on 3 x large knitted items 

March:   total - 1K;   Knitted sleeveless dress (northern Lights)

April:  total finishes- 9 S; 1 C; 1 K
2 x pot mitt  (s)
1 x doggie rug. (S)
1 x basket liner (s)
5 x Mug Rugs. (S)
2 crochet topped handtowel (stace)(c)
1 knitted dishcloth  (swap)   (k)   

May:  total finishes -     S;  1 C; 1  K
1 x crochet dishcloth (swap)
1 x knitted sweater (Ingonish)

June:  total finishes - 1 S;  1C; 1 K
1 x knitted scarf (Therapy)
1 x crocheted doily (swap)
1 x Apron (swap)

July:  total finishes -  S; 3 C;  K
1 x crocheted Acorn Pincushion
1 x Sloppy Sunday Cowl
Rainbow Ripple Blanket for Stacey

August:   2 C
2 x crocheted dishcloths

September: 1S; 4C
4 crocheted chair socks
1 Floor Mat

October:  1C
market bag - rainbow crochet

November: 1C
Spice of Life Crochet Blanket

December:  8C; 2K
1 knitted beanie - John
1 crocheted hat - Stacey
4 crocheted hand towels
3 crocheted dishcloths
1 knitted tee shirt top - ParkSlope for me

This is my list of projects/items I've completed so far this year, and this year I am also keeping track of where they go, as I find it's so easy to forget how many things go for swaps and gifts:
total divided into finishes for Crochet (C), Knitting (K), Sewing (S)

2014  Total: 48 items: 6 knitted, 29 crocheted, 13 sewn

9  crocheted dishcloths - 1 went to Australia Day swap & 6 for the dishcloth swap
1 plastic bag holder (Australia Day Swap)
1 Mug Rug (Australia Day Swap)
1 Xmas Pot Holder
1 apron (initial heart swap)  =  total 13 finishes for Jan (9C, 4S)
February and March:  continued to work on larger projects, so nothing completed.
0 finishes for Feb and March
1 crocheted market bag (for DIL birthday) = 1 finish for April (1C)

Stripey crocheted afghan,
1 crocheted dishcloth
2 x mouse pincushion (1 for a swap) =  4 finishes for May (2C, 2S)

1 x Mug Rug
1 x crocheted hot pad
3 x crocheted dishcloth
1 pair knitted slippers - Large Berry Ripple
1 pair multi newborn booties (crocheted) (gift)
Narooma Hitchhiker Scarf  =  8 finishes for June (1S, 4C, 3K)

Xmas Apron (Christmas in July swap)
Table Runner
Knitted Woodland Cowl (for DD)
Knitted Baby Hat  (gift) = 4 finishes (2S, 2K)


Still working on: rainbow scrap buster hexie quilt, scrap buster  square quilt  (some of which will take the year to get completed), Petes Stripey Jumper, Slippers for Stace, knitted dishcloth, chair Cover for Petes Chair.  = 0 finishes

7 crocheted dishcloths  (for Mum moving into her new unit - hooray she now has her own place)
Hooded knitted Jumper for me - Ashore: "wetting my feet"  +8 finishes (7C, 1K)

Twas a nil event = 0 finishes

Head rest cover for Petes Chair
Christmas decoration (50+ swap)
Crocheted topper hand towel x 1
Crocheted dishcloths x 3 (for DD moving into unit)
on the go...... Sally Giblin bag, 2 more towel toppers  

Mug Rug x1 (nephew)
Lingerie Sally Giblin Bag (DD)
2 x towel toppers (DD)

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