Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Birthday Fun

Yesterday was a significant birthday for me and I have been spoilt all week receiving birthday wishes, phone calls, cards and some lovely gifts!  Our Son, DIL and grandchildren sent this beautiful necklace down for me as they can't get down from Townsville this year.

Hubby surprised me with an Ipad!!!  Once I get blogger loaded onto it that should be great as I'll be able to put my photos straight on to posts (at least, I'm hoping it will be that simple lol)

I've decided we must be good neighbours as our old neighbour from Bundalong surprised me with the awesome Coffee Mug to last this next decade - it has all the 60's on it!  And then when we arrived home from lunch yesterday there was a lovely gift box waiting for me from our neighbours up in Maryborough!!!   The other little gift in the corner was sent through the mail from an old work pal - we have a theme of birds that just happened somehow and we've tried to keep to it lol

We decided to go for a drive to Beechworth for lunch - such a lovely drive over with the changing season and it was quite a nice day although a few clouds were around from rain the past few days

We went for a walk around visiting Beechworth Gold and most importantly the lolly shop which is quite big and the moment you open the door it brings back childhood memories of the really nice lollies that used to be around!  We came out with old fashioned jelly babies, rocky road and some turkish delight .......  they have lasted till today but I expect the remainder will be eaten up before the day is out lol!

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at one of the pubs there and a bit more browsing before heading back home.  Sunday whilst at the market Pete stumbled on this lovely lantern for a very good bargain so it came home with us - its quite a pretty one.  For those wondering about my arm - I'm still on pain killers to sleep at night and manage the swelling as I begin to use it a little each day.  It's not broken as far as we know, but there is obviously some inner damage been done which the ultra sound may show when I can finally get it done on 24th May!  Knitting and craftwork is still out - I can manage a small amount of typing and some small weights  like a coffee mug holding in my hand so getting better!  Anyhow, many thanks for all the lovely wishes!

And a special thankyou for the lovely snail mail from a couple of friends earlier in the week.......... I love snail mail  although the number of those still doing this old fashioned art has decreased by about 70% in the past 4-5 yrs.  Postal charges have had much to do with that I think!  Anyhow, I'm hoping it will slowly creep up again.  Until the next post take care!

 Hugs, Sharm xo



Lin said...

Congratulations! And many Happy Birthday wishes. What lovely gifts and a super day out. Sorry to hear your arm is still causing you problems, lets hope the scan will help with sorting out some treatment. xx

Janice said...

Happy birthday. You were rather spoiled with all those lovely gifts and a nice day out. I hope your arm continues to improve quickly, so you can get a pack to your crafting.

Judy S. said...

A belated Happy Birthday! Sounds like you had a very nice day. Sure hope the doctor can figure out how to help your arm!

Chookyblue...... said...

Belated happy birthday......