Sunday, August 18, 2019

Thanks Lyn

This morning we had a lovely surprise when our friends Lyn and Rob popped in on their way back home to home on the Qld/NSW border where they are having such a drastic time waiting for much needed rain! Lyn is a dear friend I "met" through pen-palling many years ago.   It was such a delight to have them drop in for a quick cuppa and very quick catch up. 
 I'm sure we could have chatted for hours, but with a 6hr drive ahead of them, that just wasn't possible ....... it did however give me the nudge I've needed to get back to my blog which has been neglected since my working life has increased to  what is currently full time! 
Sunrise on the Mary River - View from the end of our street

 Well, that, working out my new laptop and dealing with some chronic lower back pain that has had me feeling more like I'm about 90!  HOpefully that situation may be finally improving after 3 months of it!!! I'm pleased to say I'm back to walking again (when I get the chance to fit it in - usually early morning or on the weekend before the day really gets going). Daily stretching has been introduced to my morning ritual and I've also been using essential oils much more ...... I have a roller bottle made up with a carrier oil together with Lemongrass (an anti inflammatory), frankincense, Lavender and Copiba. (Just
using Lemongrass and a couple of drops of Lavender in carrier oil sometimes).
  I've also been adding Magnesium to the morning vitamins and found a wonderful lotion in the supermarket .... Magnesium and Anica!!! Wonderful stuff!!!  Of course, it probably hasn't helped that I've spent most of Winter here trying to get on top of my new garden beds..... but they are beginning to take shape and come Spring they should have lots more colour!  I thought you might like to see a bit of the garden and how it's developing .........

 Given there were no flower beds here a year ago, I'm pretty happy with them!  Not much in the way of finished projects happening right now although I have been working on another knitted top which I hope to get completed this week if all goes well ..... I'll show it to you then!

Pete has redone the roof over the deck, this time doing a complete cover which gives us a rainproof area underneath as well!  Nice job Pete!

And with that, I'll say goodnight and hopefullly it won't be soo long before I get another post up again!.  
Hugs to all


busybusybeejay said...

Good to see you back in Blogland.

Lin said...

Hi Sharm - good to see you back. Great to see pictures of your garden and the new deck roof sounds a boon. Sorry to hear you have back problems - not nice. xx

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