Monday, June 24, 2019

Woolly Weekend

Saturday was Winter Solstice otherwise known as the shortest day of the year! In Brisbane that means
 a difference of around 3.5 hrs daylight from the shortest to the longest day and further south in Melbourne it accounts for a difference of around 6.3hrs!  It also means that as from today (Sunday) the days will very slowly begin to increase and point us towards Summer ....... but for now, and the next couple of months we still have Winter ....... so I'm taking advantage and knitting with my scrummy warm wool I have here in stash! 

 Joining in with FNWF, I worked on my Sirracco ..... this is worked on the side and I'm now past the halfway mark with part of the back done and another arm seam to go and then the edges to put it all together.

But I found we had some extra cooler mornings with some of those cold winds and figured I could use a cowl when walking to and from work ........ I decided on Valkyrie Cowl by Laura Aylor (Fogbound Knits) and I wanted to use this lovely soft worsted weight Tundra but there won't be quite enough of it .......... The Slate Luxury left over from the crocheted blanket I finished a couple of weeks back seems to be a close match
so I'll do a little bit of striping with them both ........ it seems to be working well so far - hard to believe it was such a close match.  The Tundra is just a delight to knit with and I can't wait to be able to wear it! I managed to get into the cables section and had planned to keep doing that while watching some TV, but I wasn't too good at being able to keep track of the cables and the show so I didn't get as much done as I had planned
Yesterday as Pete was going around the yard he came across a fruit bat (still alive) but obviously got lost or was unwell ...... they carry disease so we didn't tend to play with it!

The garden is beginning to flourish and I was surprised to find that one of our summer glady's decided to flower ........ this is our favorite one - I dug it up before we left Bundalong and I'm pleased to see it has flowered here in the garden.

A couple of other things were found in the garden ...... a little bat stopped for the day to sleep it off .........

And we found these crazy little beetles climbing on the stems of the passionfruit - we have no idea
what they are and neither it seems do the neighbours so we don't know if they are good bugs or bad bugs ........anyone out there know what they are?  Well it's Monday morning here now and I'm needing to get breakfast and get to work - have a great day everyone
Sharm xo


Maria said...

Perfect weather for knitting and crocheting your pretty projects..
What a great colour Gladi and strange it flowered now..
No don't know what bug you have, looks like a ladybug without spots....

Susan said...

Lovely for you to join is - even if you didn't make as much progress as you wanted to.

Cheryll said...

Your "blooms" are so pretty & colourful... just like your wool...xox

Lin said...

I love the soft greys of your cowl and that gladdie is such a gorgeous colour. xx

Wendyb said...

I agree with Maria, perfect weather for has been so cold these past few days....even up here in the tropics it got down to 4 degrees....just crazy! love that purple gladdie...gorgeous! glad you joined in for FNSI too. xox sugary hugs :o)

Susie H said...

Love your cowl yarn and you're likely finished knitting it by now. Laura Aylor is one of my favorite knitting designers. I wasn't sure what the scirracco project is though. The colors look fun!

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

You yarn is beautiful and it looks like your cowel will be very snug and warm :)

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