Monday, June 3, 2019

Back on Line at Last!!!

"Tillandsia" completed
I'm finally back on line after a number of months struggling with a failing lap top, an IPad that kept freezing on me and lots of "life"!!! (Including Hubbie having an accident with a 9inch Grinder cutting into his thigh - thankfully he didn't loose his leg and the leg has healed well, although it's been a bit of a treck with it).
  Today I managed to purchase a new laptop and I'm so, so happy!!!  After taking the old one to get fixed and not even being able to get back up on line before it crashed again (I was busy trying to download all my stored documents and photos onto a portable harddrive whilst it was working as I'd been told the motherboard may not last much longer ...... I got to turn on my laptop 3 times before it just would not turn on at all ........ and so I've been
hanging out for the June end of tax year sales Whooo Hoooo!!!! It was worth it as I've saved almost 50% off what it would have cost! ....... Anyhow, that's enough of that as I have quite a bit to catch up on it seems ...... and apparently the March post I thought had gone through was still sitting in a draft box and hadn't published.  So here is the abbreviated version:  First of all OPAM ........
March Finishes:  These 2 Verandah Throw Cushions I had fun crocheting and I finished up a test knit "Tillandsia" which I'm really happy with!

April saw me finally finish "Brookhill " Shawl and I worked on cutting up some stash I had here (with the backing fabrics being around 20yrs old!) ....... I managed to work up a nice quilt for our bed

As for May ....... well I was busy working on the crochet blanket for our queen size bed and got as far
as part way through the border when I ran out of yarn ....... more has been ordered and I'm waiting for it to arrive ........ meantime I'm working on this knitting project which will be another top!

May was a time for celebration as I had my birthday; and we celebrated being in Maryborough a whole year together with Pete having been 1 year retired (and before you ask ....... I'm actually working 4 days each week so a little more than I was before our move).
During my time without being able to blog we had our 2nd eldest son land in hospital with appendicitis (going from the mine site out West Qld to Cloncurry hospital to Mt Isa Hospital for the opp); our daughter has had severe back issues; Pete's Accident, a nephew died ........ and amidst all that of course - I've been working ........ things have been just a tad busy around here.  Of course heaps has also been happening in the yard and garden area ........ but I might keep that for the next post ........
In the meantime its great to be back ......I've missed blogland and I do hope to see some of my old bloggie friends drop back in again.

Hugs Sharm


Susan said...

My word Sharmayne - no wonder you were incognito for a while...I've had IT issues too and although my laptop is working - with a new hard drive...I can't - at the moment - get my outlook working so I am missing so much in stored data.

oh well
Sorry to hear about your nephew - and your hubby - sounds like he was very lucky

Work does interfere with sewing / crafting life - but at least you have the income to support your habits!

Welcome Back!

Lynda said...

Lovely to see an update Sharm!

You certainly have been busy. I hope life quietens down for you a bit and you can take some deep breaths and relax :)) xx

Lin said...

Great to see you back again Sharm. What a time you have had the last few months. Pete's accident must have been really worrying. Lovely OPAM finishes. xx

Jo said...

Great to read you are back on. We are still around for you. WOW what a busy few months..

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I'm glad your husband's leg is getting better. I hope your children are recovering to too but I'm sorry to hear about your nephew. I hope things will turn around for you all now and you'll get a good long time of fortunate events. You new lap top sounds great. Having only recently got a properly working internet connection in our area, I can well sympathise with all your technical issues. It really makes so much difference to go to a computer and do something straightaway! It's great to see all the making you've been doing. I'll look forward to seeing your yard next time :)

Sheryl said...

You have been very busy and even then have managed to complete a pretty quilt and crochet blanket. I have new hardware too and am busy finding out where everything is hidden. Sorry to hear about the health issues, hope your DH is well on the mend.
p.s. Having mail issues, so I will thank you here for having commented on my blog recently.

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