Monday, September 11, 2017

Waiting ........

'm not particularly good at waiting .....especially when I'm waiting on a yarn order to arrive!  I didn't win the yarn chicken with the snow cotton for the flower garden crochet blanket and last Saturday Evening I did an online order for more from Bendigo Woollen Mills ....... So its been 1 entire week that I've not been able to continue working on the blanket, hence instead of being able to show you the finished blanket - you get to see the "waiting to be finished" blanket ((sigh))

But rather than mope about it, one usually has other projects that also need to be worked on .... like the Down the Rabbit Hole BOM - only 1 Dresden plate flower to finish handsewing down ......

then I move onto the corners which have sunflowers in them - colour playing with fabrics while I have the quilt on the floor.

I'm almost at the point of being able to split for the sleeves on my "Sleepy Hollow" sweater.  I'm using some yarn I picked up at the Wangaratta Woollen Mills a couple of years ago

And I also did a few more rows on the Mystery Knit Along that Laura Aylor has had going. I have to say that at this point I was in a total mystery as to how this will turn out - I know its to be a type of shawl/wrap.  You'll have to wait to see how it turns out!

I didn't do much walking at all over the weekend - I was still mentally  and emotionally exhausted from a stressful week at work, which thankfully ended well right at the end of Friday Afternoon!  When I did finally drag myself off, I was blessed to see the black swans swimming by with their 4 little babies (cygnets as they are known) - I had to take the photo on my phone so its not fantastic.

Scruffy has been struggling the past couple of weeks as the longer and colder winter plays on his arthritis and he struggles to walk far some days.  He will be 15 years old in 9 days time!  Sometimes, he just wants to stay warm in bed ...... can't say I blame him when we only get a top of 12C for the day!!!

Hope you all have a great week and you are making progress on whatever you are working on! Hopefully my yarn order arrives this week and I can finish off the Crochet Flower Garden Blanket!
Hugs Sharm ....... Must finish the embroidery on this little tea cosy too!!


Susan said...

PLenty of projects to keep you occupied until your yarn arrives. Your Down the Rabbit Hole is looking great. I had never heard of a mystery knitting project - that could be fun.

Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

I hope your yarn arrives soon :)

Anthea said...

Come on yarn order, hurry up so I can get to see the finished beautiful blanket! Don't keep my friend waiting! :)