Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Late Weekend Wrap Up

Here I am making a very late weekend wrap up! I meant to do this on Sunday, and then yesterday
since I had the day off, but here I am before work today finally getting this posted! FNSI  hosted by Wendy was on. After getting the flower garden blanket finished my stitching was minimal for the entire weekend ...... I started playing around with a pattern  using some of this heavy cotton brought back from US when my daughter was over in Hawaii for a holiday earlier in the year

And ....... we have our eldest grandson Jarryn who has his birthday in early November and is also getting a blanket.  He picked these colours (black is a little tricky at night), but its working up quite well and looks very "boy" like.  This will be another Ripple Blanket, but slightly larger in size as he has a double bed now he is in his first year of high school! French Navy, Black and Sambucca Crush all 8ply cotton from Bendigo Yarns.  The sambucca was a limited one so I've had to sit and work out the stripping for just the 1 ball. I did this by weighing the first 10 rows of the black - so we shall now watch and see how that goes lol  The Navy is looking bright in this photo

While sitting out on the veranda yesterday (finally a nice day), I glanced over to see that Cliff, our
Lorikeet of 17 yrs, had found a little gap between the 2 cages to go for a climb on the outside of his cage!  To date he hasn't flown away - and quickly heads back into the cage if he thinks you might be going to take his ball!

I managed, after much debate and hubby and I having a discussion regarding colours and how neither of us were overly keen on the extra colours used for the Sunflower section of the quilt - to actually cut out the pieces.  I've yet to get them pinned on ready for hand-stitching into place.  No photos yet ...... instead I'll show you the enamel dishes I picked up from the Sunday Market which will be getting put to various uses.......    Have a great week, even if like me,  you have to be heading to work for the rest of it!
Hugs Sharm


Beca said...

I can't believe your bird doesn't fly away. I had a cockatiel once who flew away the first chance he got. Great finds on the enamel pans. I like to pick them up when I come across them too.
xx Beca

Helen said...

Great colours for your grandsons blanket.

Sherrie said...

Hi Sharm,
Love the colors of your new blanket, beautiful. I used to have quite a few of enamel dishes, but where they are now is anyone's guess. I've started my Flower Blanket, only have two blocks, but I'll keep going until it's done. Your Flower Blanket is beautiful! Have a great day!