Monday, January 2, 2017

Welcome 2017

2017 is very welcome around here!  I have to say I am pleased to begin another New Year, and by the sounds of things from numerous other places, many other people are also happy to see the end of 2016.  The New Year finds us back at Bundalong where we have our home on the market and hoping it sells over the Summer period.

  For now though the Apricots are ripe and I've been busy making many jars of jam and a pie or two ........ then there are the cherries from the freezer that have been turned into Cherry Chutney and another kilo I'm hoping to turn into some type of cordial or liqueur.   I've been asked where I store all my jars of goodness as well as empty jars ...... well all of those, together with the paraffin wax (which I melt down in an old teapot to seal the jars easily before putting the lids on - this keeps the contents safe for up to 2-3 yrs) you'll often find jars/packets of seeds ......
These are all kept in that Pie Cupboard that hubby rescued a couple of years back from a demolition job where the farmer wanted to burn it!  You remember Pete brought it home and I cleaned and painted it up.  It's just perfect for housing all of these things ....  and as you can see it also holds extra candles, candle melts and right down the bottom is a plastic tub where I keep supplies of my homemade soaps.  So you can see that this cupboard has become a very important piece of furniture in our home.  It's part of our self sustainability and each year during the right season, I try making enough of these things to last the whole year plus some extras for gifting.  Some years the bounty is small or non existent so making extra when the bounty is good has become a natural part of life around here.  Don't forget jams and chutneys can be made from frozen fruit so if you get given fruit and don't have the time straight away to make it up, then pop it into the freezer for using a later time!

Pie Cupboard with dec from xmas in July swap

The garden is needing lots of attention with all the spring flowers now finished and the heat of Summer upon us.  Pete has also taken down all our big old fashioned wheels from the gardens as they will come with us when we move.  Tomorrow we will likely be gathering items for a tip run (or two even??).

When it comes to items finished for December for OPAM I'm afraid I only managed one ornament, although I did make a start on a number of crocheted squares which will be getting put together to make a cotton lap quilt for the Maryborough Veranda.  I have yet to get some photos of those so guess you'll have to wait to see them .....

Today I managed to finish a Beanie off , which means I've made a start for January OPAM at least lol   Best of all is that I still have another whole, entire week off before I have to go back to work!!! 
I do have quite a list I'd like to get done during that time, but it's nice to know I still have that time to get things done ....... making some much needed soap is on that list!!

As I look forward to 2017 the biggest thing on our minds is selling Bundalong and making the permanent move to Maryborough in Qld.  Apart from that my goals are to get some "me" time back into my life and way, way less stress than the past couple of years.  Blogging has always been something I enjoy, so I hope to be more active around here again, and more active in everything to do with home ...... sewing, knitting and crochet, baking, letter writing ..... taking part in a few blogging swaps ..... oh and yes, I do need to loose about 5kg (I seem to have that goal each year???)
Hugs to all until next time!


Jo said...

I'm sure things will settle down. The hardest part is waiting for the house to sell. You are in limbo at that time. But use the time well to keep cleaning out stuff. Finish off items you have started and it will get there....

Bev C said...

Hello Charymane

Good luck with the sale of your home. Love that cupboard full of goodies, always handy to have even for gift giving. Hope you loose the weight this year.

Happy days

creations.1 said...

Phew - you are busy, busy, busy - you have exhausted me reading it! Happy New Year Sharm and may all your dreams and goals be fulfilled and achieved.

Lynda said...

Hi Sharm - nice to catch up on all your news.

Yes...the garden is constantly in need of attention at this time of year, especially after the good summer rains we've just had.

I got out my english piecing yesterday (didn't feel like knitting or crocheting), with the fabric from the Country Scents swap we did how many years ago?? I'm still working on my hexie flowers! What did you make with yours?

Enjoy your week of catch up at home before you head back to work. xx

Susan said...

How you find time to sew at all with that jam making etc going on . . .beats least you wont need any more beanies for yourself once you are in Qld. Bikinis maybe - but nothing warm.

Lin said...

Your Pie Cupboard was a great find and a jolly useful piece of furniture. Good recycling. xx