Sunday, January 1, 2017

A Maryborough Christmas

As you know we headed to Maryborough for Christmas....... which seems to have come and gone quite quickly now I find myself sitting back here in Bundalong!  We took the trailer up filled with some basic bits and pieces for a camp out in our house up there ....  

As you might remember we had decided to buy ourselves a new bed for the house which I had been saving up for ..... The bedside tables arrived the day after ..... I love the little glass flower in it

We kept busy doing a few things while we were there ...... Pete fixing the watering system and putting in a couple of extra taps (one in the chook yard and another in the vegie garden area), mulching up palm fronds and such, while I was kept busy with some cleaning ...... One of the kitchen bench tops was just sooooo sticky - this was the result after I poured some boiling water on it to see if I could remove the stickiness after spray and wipe did nothing at all!

 Christmas Day was spent with our friends down in Curra who have 5 Border Collies. When we arrived they were all wearing Christmas Bandanas (so cute!) and they had something waiting for Scruffy to wear as well!
 Scruffy was a little overwhelmed when we had first called in earlier in the week, but Clyde took him under his wing and they became best mates ........ Scruffy is missing him!
 We enjoyed our time up there, and I even got a chance to go and check out the little yarn store
down on the corner which was filled to overflowing with lots of material and patterns ...... that side of things is going to have to wait till we move up there permanently (which will happen once we sell our house down here).

Between Dalby and Moonie Crossroads

 We enjoyed lunch at Hervey Bay and checking out various places around the town ...... and all too soon it was time to get back in the car to begin the 18hour trek back to Bundalong.

 Scruffy travelled pretty well ..... just a little sick at the start of the 2nd day of travel after we left Parkes where we stayed overnight.

Luckily after a couple of special stops for him he came good again and enjoyed the breeze blowing over him........  as we passed by the Harvesting going on  around the Junee area ....... and finally we arrived back home to Bundalong yesterday feeling refreshed after some time out from the pressures of the past year .........

And now I'm afraid to say I may have been enjoying a little too many chocolates and sugar filled drinks over the past week or two ........ I may need to do something about that ....  I'll think about it over the next few days while I enjoy some blog hopping and coffee :)   Hugs to you all!


Jo said...

I see you are back on the computer. Got some photos happening.
You looked good camping style.

Maria said...

The house in Maryborough looks wonderful and your new bed fits perfectly with the era of your lovely house. I love the cartoon at the end of your post...I think most of us can relate to that! My downfall is plum pudding! lol

Anthea said...

The new bed is just gorgeous Sharm... lovely Christmas for you & the dogs! Glad Scruffy was ok eventually

Lin said...

Glad you had a good time Sharm. Happy New Year. xx