Sunday, January 24, 2016

Summertime Thoughts

Mary, with Joy and Jack the 2 chicks
Remember those 2 little chicks that were put under Mary ..... they have grown ..... here they are with Mary's head just poking out over the top of Jack's back (yes, the little stipey one turned into a rooster).  Mary still manages to call them into line ..... here they are helping clean out the chook shed ...... I usually rake it up and then leave it a couple of hours for the chooks to go get any bugs and check things out before I go back and rearrange nesting boxes etc.

My little  crafting cabin at the side of the house is what used to be the single carport when we first arrived here ..... actually, it was the only carport!  We used to use that area for splitting the wood and then piling it against the fence where we could walk from the kitchen doorway to get it during the winter months.  It's never had a shelter put over it, so was always open to the rain and frost.........  last winter, we stopped putting the wood there since with the cabin now sitting there, we bring the trailer in through the back gates and split the wood in the back yard, and after a few goes of wheelbarrowing it around to its former place, we decided that was no longer convenient!  I was actually doing the happy dance, since I'd much rather the wood be brought inside from the back door which is closer to the fire and prevent so much dirt and wood droppings being constantly dropped across all the floors!

This means also that this area of the yard, which also has the clothes line is not really used by much else.  It gets sun all day long, including the afternoon sun, and being behind my crafting cabin, near the kitchen door and laundry door, with a tap at that side of the house .......... yep ...... I think its the perfect spot for a kitchen garden!!!!   I began a little experiment a couple of months back by moving some of the wood and creating a space for a raised garden bed ..... just a small one ..... without making much fuss about it ........  

Today I sat on the veranda on that side of the house with a cool drink and just looking and thinking about that space. ..........  Naturally, I've come up with some awesome ideas for what could possibly happen out there.   It's not going to happen overnight ....... after all, that wood won't be going anywhere until it gets used during winter!   And the ugly piece between the windows on the back of my cabin needs painting,  the mop and bucket need a new home, and the worm bin has definitely NOT worked where it is!  Unfortunately the afternoon hot western sun pours down on it from about 2.30pm and has pretty much cooked all the worms I had in there :(    I think I have a new spot for it ........ just need to get hubbie to move the hose holder to the other side of the tank stand .........    And I want a big piece of lattice work to sit in front of that big window where one of the bedrooms are, so I can grow peas and beans, which will act to shade that bedroom during summer and still let the sun in during winter when its cold.  It's a big pain to mow that area as well and its mostly weeds, not grass that is growing ........... I see old bricks or cheap pavers .......... just have to find some first lol


Lin said...

Lovely plans there Sharm - I like the lattice one. Looks like you are going to transform the area, have fun. xx

Helen said...

Sounding wonderful will look forward to watching your progress after all the wood is gone :)