Monday, November 23, 2015

Weekend Snippets

This was the 3rd Friday of the month which meant joining in with other gals from around the world for FNSI.  My stitching tended to extend over the entire weekend in bits and pieces here and there ......... I got some more embroidery done on the centre piece for my blog table cloth ....... I'm ready to begin working on some hexies for the flower petals now, and hoping to have enough friends who are keen to embroider their names onto a hexie to make the centres. (If you are interested, please read this post - I'd love to have friends names on my tablecloth in my craft cabin). 

Magic Loop Success!
After quite the challenge, I finally worked out how to do the knitting "magic loop" which enables you to "join" 6 stitches on a circular needle!  Finally I'm now making progress on a beanie for a Christmas gift!  At least, I sure hope it works out ok..... guess we shall see.

And also managed progress on my Park Slope top, getting the waistband completed.  Just have the neck and sleeves left to finish, but I'm happy with how it's looking this far....... what do you think?

 Turned out to be a busy, but enjoyable weekend as  we ended up heading  out for dinner on Friday night,   and then on Saturday afternoon called in for a wonderful catch up with some friends before they get busy with harvest, ...... Sunday we spent some time tending  to the garden - the grass and weeds are just growing like wildfire at the moment!  I've moved my swing chair ........ currently searching for just the right place, you know - morning sun and afternoon shade as Summer heads towards us!  I'm not sure I have it quite right yet, this spot seemed to be getting more and more sun as the afternoon extended.  What a shame the weekend is over so quickly! 


Lin said...

Nice work on the top and your tablecloth centre is looking great. Had embroidered my hexie but then discovered that the thread I had used is not waterproof! Much annoyance as it is a thread I particularly like. Anyway, this evenings task is to do another. Have a good week Sharm. xx

Mrs. Doug said...

I would like to contribute a hexie to your little tablecloth. I gotta get it done, but probably not till after Christmas as I'm drowning in projects that need to get done right away. Hope that's OK. I hope you get lots of friends to contribute. Hugs from the USA