Tuesday, December 15, 2015

December: Catching Up

It's been so crazy busy around this place since my last post, and although I've thought about
Baby Willy Wagtails out of the nest
 getting a post out, it just hasn't quite got there till now ..... kinda.......  I'm starting this morning, but I soon will have to run out the door to work, so it will be tonight no doubt before I can actually post! (as it turned out that was yesterday morning and I'm trying again )  No doubt everyone else is busy as well, especially those of you who have to fit in working outside the home!!  It really does cramp my style and stop lots of things from getting done, that I really would like to be doing..... oh well, guess I'm lucky to only have 7 days a fortnight rather than 10!  Anyhow, I'm sure nobody wants to hear about that .......
I've been busy getting a few little crocheted kitchen towels made up for Christmas giving, and I've also managed to get that Beanie knitted up which will be going under the tree for daughters partner. 
I'm actually quite pleased with how it turned out, being my first knitted beanie and all lol

I'm wanting to get a summer hat crocheted up for daughter for Christmas, but it needs some thick cotton yarn.  I've ordered some online from Bendigo Woollen Mills this week when I found out its currently on sale  for $11 for a 200gr ball!  I got a couple of colours  in 10ply cotton and also purchased some other yarn which took me over the $60 (which then gives you free postage!) It should arrive by Friday ..... at least I'm hoping it will so I can make a start over the weekend, and hope its a quick crochet lol

In the meantime, I've been working on getting my Park Slope finished up, and I'm really pleased with the result and the fit!  The yarn I used is the Wollmeise fingering and its so nice and light to wear!  I will definitely be making more of these in the future.

Summer time here means all the stone fruit are coming into season.  We've been blessed to have our eldest son bringing home some very yummy cherries.  I now have some pitted and frozen ready to make cherry pie to eat on Christmas
Day.......  and our Apricot tree is just about ready to be picked, so it will be time to get making the jam sometime in the next week or so I expect!    Although we pulled out the large vegie garden, some pumpkin seeds found their way down into the garden bed where Dad had been drying some seeds when he was here ........ the vine is doing so well, we have decided to just let it keep going and I see it's beginning to set some pumpkins. 
 I've put a few tomato plants and capsicums into the front flower garden to companion grow ...... most seem to be doing well ......... and yes, couldn't help myself ....... I moved some of the wood pile and put in a temporary garden with some cucumbers to see if a garden would work here in this area.

The little chicks are growing nicely, Mary is such a great foster mum.  They should be grown and ready to begin laying come winter, which will be perfect for keeping up the egg supply!  I lost a couple of hens a couple of months ago - both older girls, so these little ones will be replacing them.  I may even set a couple of fertile eggs (I'm sure I'll be able to find somebody willing to give me a couple) if I have a broodie hen towards the end of summer, in order to keep my little flock up.  Well, now I think we are pretty well caught up ....... except to say that I have received a lovely little embroidered hexie all the way from France to put in my table cloth, but I think it deserves a post all its own, so you will have to wait to see that photo for another day or two.    Take care and have an awesome day!


Lin said...

Nice to catch up with what you have been doing Sharm. We are now in UK for Christmas where it is grey and damp so I am envious of your gorgeous cherries and sunny garden. xx

Anthea said...

the chickens look so cute still Sharmayne... they're certainly loving their home!

Beatrice Euphemie said...

Beautiful crochet and so nice to have cherries and the garden this time of year! We are cold and gray - I have the fire blazing! Wishing you the merriest of Christmas's! xo Karen

Sheryl S. said...

Your pretty top looks perfect. lovely work and hat. Jealous of your cherries, just love a cherry pie. Happy Christmas.

Christine M said...

Lovely catch up Sharm. Have a Happy New Year! Christine xx

Melody said...

Lovely too catch up. Looking forward to everything you share in 2016