Sunday, October 5, 2014

Winter is Over

At long last Winter seems to be over!  We've gone almost 2 weeks now without the fire, although we have had a few very cool mornings and evenings........ still, I'm always pleased to wave it
Pattern name is: Ashore by Laura Aylor
goodbye and ready for the warmer sunny days without the icy winds blasting through.

This winter I've been quite industrious getting the hitchhiker scarf completed (my first bit of knitting in 23yrs!!), a jumper finished for Pete (and then starting on a hooded jumper for myself!  This is the first time I've ever knitted anything other than a scarf for myself!  Let me tell you that it has been quite the learning curve, but also a lot of fun  since it was a Knit Along that was being run by the designer herself.... Laura Aylor  (this link will take you to her blog).  Laura ran the KAL on her Ravelry Group, and let me tell you that  there was plenty of encouragement and help along the way, both from Laura and other participants.  I even managed to finish it in time and had my name drawn out as one of the winners for a prize of 3 beautiful looking yarns that will be heading my way soon!  Laura has some amazing designs and the best part about this jumper was that it was all worked in one piece so to speak...... no seams to sew at the end of it which has been great!

I'm keen to knit a few more items for myself ...... however I have quite the list of sewing that needs some attention also.  My little cabin is calling me out to the sewing machine....... but of course it also holds all my yarn supplies and has the most comfy sofa for sitting on and looking through
patterns lol........... And of course it's the time here to get the vegie garden planted up....... which is what I've been doing this weekend.  I managed to get it all weeded out and then planted with lots of various seedlings which hopefully will give us a nice crop.  The fruit trees all seem to be doing well setting fruit - apricots, white nectarines, plum, peaches.  I'm hoping the berry canes all do well too........ if not then I may end up pulling them out.  This will be their 2nd year so I hope to see something decent from them.  Unfortunately all the strawberries except 4 of them disappeared over winter with not a trace of them to be seen.

Well now, since its been such a while since I've posted and I've had so much trouble trying to download my photos (still can't get the ones from my iphone ..hmmm) I best finish here.
Hope your weekend has been a good one
hugs Sharm


Helen said...

Well done on the knitting front the jumper looks great !

Mrs. Doug said...

What a nice picture of you in your new sweater. I'm impressed with your work! We are now heading into winter. It was seasonably cool this morning with a good frost I wasn't expecting. We've harvested all the frost sensitive things though, so no problems there, just my morning glories got hit as well as my window boxes which I may have been able to enjoy a little longer had I covered them up.

Hope you enjoy the garden this year and pray the Lord gives you a good harvest.


Narelle said...

Your jumper looks great!
Well done and loving the warmer weather here too ... as long as we get a spring and NOT straight into summer :)

Sheryl said...

The hooded sweater looks perfect for the weather you are having.