Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Bit of This and That

As normal  things are keeping me busy, lol, when are they not...... Winter time is always a good time for sitting with yarny stuff....... I came across this Knit along on Rav and decided I wanted to give it a go... I'm using the above yarn which were all sitting in my stash...... talk about a learning curve, however it's the designer that is running the KAL and I have to say Laura has been very helpful and supportive!  It's still going and available to jump in on if you feel inclined.  The yarns I've decided to use for it  are just ordinary acrylic to take away any stress of mucking up expensive yarn lol
I've managed to get the stripey jumper finished for Pete, although I may end up adding a little more length to the bottom....   And I'm about to begin making a little Hobbit House Tea Cozy for a bit of fun........ look at these pretty yarns I picked up for the purpose

Of course winter time always has the "not so much fun" task of collecting, splitting and stacking of wood for the fire!  Hopefully DH considers this sufficient for the time being lol

 And I'm very pleased to say that the passionfruit vine has not only produced, but the fruit has been ripening over the past couple of weeks and the insides are just full of yummy goodness!  Perhaps I'll get around to making some passionfruit butter before we eat them all??

Poor little Scruffy has had a bad time with some allergy that set him off so badly it actually managed to break down the ear drums causing a perforation to one of them........ lots of special medicated baths, an injection of antibiotics, dose of prednisolone and ongoing treatment and the ear is better, the skin improved, but we need to keep it up for at least the next couple of months to get it beat!!
The highlight this month has been some dear friends of ours popping in on a visit on their way up the coast to visit others.  We popped in on them back in Feb when we headed to Tassie for a few days.
Well, its time for me to head into town...... so I'll catch you all later........ here are some of the Canola Fields we pass along the way...... they look good, even if the smell is not so nice lol



Caitlin @ Naughts Cross Stitches said...

Lovely knitting and that kal looks interesting.

FlowerLady Lorraine said...

I think your sweater turned out great. When we were first married, I knit my husband 3 sweaters. Seeing yours brings up the memories.

Your yarns are lovely and have fun knitting with them.

Glad your pooch is doing better.

The canola fields look pretty.

Have a great day ~ FlowerLady

Christine M said...

Pete's jumper looks great Sharm. I hope Scruffy is feeling better soon.

Marti said...

Poor Scruffy! Will the eardrum heal?

I didn't know those flowers didn't smell good. I used to see fields of yellow near my hometown, but they were bare this year.

I didn't know the passion fruit was edible for humans. I never got to eat any from mine. The vine usually got eaten down by caterpillars.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharm what a lovely post lots happening your way and love your hubby's jumper,well done.xx

Sheryl S. said...

Your husband's jumper looks great. I haven't knitted anything for my husband in about twenty years.

Lynda said...

You came to Tassie in February!!
Did I know about this??

You didn't visit me :(((


Astri Bowlin said...

Nice post and knitting! You have given me an idea...a "Rings" marathon while crocheting. :-) Doesn't that sound fun? It would be a "precious" time!